Forum is messed up!

The forum is messed up with the forum menu at the top all squashed into the right hand corner.


I noticed that too this evening. Btw if you want to see something funny check out this Forza forums bookmark icon on Android keeps shrinking

U dont like?

its a work in progress, my first reaction was that i didnt like it up there but it gives you a forums reset button even when you are scrolled to the bottom of a thread.

They need to reformat the page header to better fit everything up top without having to scroll right.


It’s pushing too far to the right, it isn’t dynamic and forces my browser to display a horizontal scroll bar.
1366px screen width here.

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It gives you a reset button that can’t reset the mess…

…that’s almost the same logic that PG uses most of the time.


A reset button ? umm… where ? Am I blind again ?

And of course that IS NOT the issue. The issue is the ridiculous forced ultra wide screen format forcing a scroll right to see the full menu header as noted.

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U cant see the breadcrumb navigation? :smiley:

Honestly I’m not even sure what a “forum reset” button means :roll_eyes: but I don’t see anything jumping out at me or saying “reset” when I hover over various half-loaded, over-written, or otherwise messed up interface bits. Oh wait… is that it ? It’s called “delete account” on my page but, I guess it’ll work… :wink:

Na its bit messed up because the h1 title is in so its big… Not exactly sure what the goal is… Breadcrumbs in the fixed menu? It was already there only blocked by other stuff move it back and put position fixed or sticky in and it stays too on top of page

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Yeah there is no reset button at bottom of page.

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? Shows link Forums in Header and Footer and u have left menu…

Maybe it’s a secret invisible except to dev and admim accounts reset button :thinking:

The Chrome browser has a reset button all of the time so don’t need another one anyway.

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think thats what they want in header so it stays on top all the time

when i said ‘reset button’ i just mean the ‘forza forums’ link button that had been at the top of the left column that took you back to the ‘main screen’ which vanished off the screen when you were scrolling through threads previously.

OK well now that’s become hidden, and before it was visible, so it’s the opposite.

no, that has now been moved into that top right hand corner (the bit you posted a screenshot of, that looks the wrong font size ) so that it stays on screen and clickable no matter where you are in a thread

Yeah ‘Fo’

I don’t call ‘Fo’ visible.