Formula Drift ProAm2

JdmDrifter22 is now hosting a Formula Drift ProAm2 season.
Here is how you sign up:
Car Regulations-

  1. Go to the Store Front and get Formula Drift ProAm banner and number box
  2. No Drag or Race tires on your vehicle.
  3. No Wagons/SUVs/Trucks allowed into the competition.
  5. Must be an S class 700 or less.
    6.You must have a roll cage

Lobby Rules:

  1. No Trash Talk or Hateful Judging even talking back to a judge of a other competitor. If your confused sure but not demanding something.
  2. Listen to the Judges if they tell you to do something like EX. “UNREADY” means unready because you have already raced or just to do it because it will be easier to manage each of the races.
    Need numbers 1-999 in competition.

Competition Rules/Guidelines:

  1. Scoring-
    Run: 1 or 2
    Angle: Out of 10
    Overall Impression: Out of 15
    Tandem: Out of 10
    Overtake: BONUS POINTS- +5
    Mistake/Correction: -5
    Total: Out of 100 (Unless you get bonus points and this total is for both runs added together)

If you spinout your score becomes an AUTOMATIC ZERO. (Unless you were bumped into by other competitor)

  1. Overtake- Leader car must be completely off line.
  2. Overall Impression- Deals with the look of your car and also style of the drift plus your transitions.
  3. The top 16 Qualifiers will make it into the competition!
  4. You will have 2 runs, a lead and a follow.
  5. Your scores for each run will be totaled together. (Out of 70)

Signing up/Qualifying:
Performance Index:
Tire Width:
Drift Team: (If you have one)
Tire Sponsor:
Other Sponsers:

Qualifying- As far as qualifying goes you will have 2 runs, a follow and a lead run.
-You will be scored by the same scoring system as shown above.
-The top 16 qualifiers will be in the competition.
-Brackets will be posted on I will put a link when the first round battles start. The brackets will be under the name of FormulaDriftProAm2. Basically what challonge is a live bracket to watch. If your not here then you can watch it if your not in a round you could watch it.

Dates are pending… But as far as tracks Round 1 LongBeach Silverstone International
Round 2 Road Atlanta
Round 3 Florida Sebring Short
Round 4 Wall Top Gear west
Round 5 Evergreen Ladera Full
Round 6 Texas Mugello Full
Round 7 Irwindale Tsukuba Short
Round 8 Nurburing Nordschleife
Round 9 Positano
-There will be 9 Rounds. Top 16, Top 8, Top 4, and Top 2.
Wait your turn in the rounds.

1st-10Million+Free 3 paint jobs and a car
2nd-5Million+Free paint job
This will be only for the end of the season

At the end of every round
1st. 1Million
2nd. 5k
3rd. 3k
how you can get this money is post something for that price and then you will be rewarded with your money nothing more nothing less

Driver applications⬇

Any questions.

Gamertag: X28 RACER
Car: Nissan Silvia S13
HP: ~550*
Performance Index: ~S-630*
Tire Width: 225 (F) 245 (R)
Drift Team: DriftANZ (Drift Australia New Zealand)
Tire Sponsor: nil
Other Sponsers: nil

*Will confirm these statistics after testing, but are a relatively good representation of my competition spec vehicle.

You must decide on a number 1-999
for the number box.

Sorry, will have 028 as my number.
Should be able to attend all the rounds, but please message me on XBL (X28 RACER) with exact dates and times with TimeZone and I’ll confirm for you.
Thanks in advance.

Comment what rounds you would like to attend and be in as well. Ex. I would like to attend these rounds or round (1-7)

Visit this website.

Ill be on to walk all over these noobs in my RB powered s15

Ill be in all rounds and just use the vfd weight to tire rule


im in all rounds
car dont know yet

ok we need the cars and numbers

I already gave you my info and i want #666

Go look at the new rules

Im #1 xxjohnson is #2 and felon is #3 if he competes