Ford F-150 Prerunner DeBerti Design Feedback

Anyone had a chance to play around with the new F-150 DD? Is it the new A class or S1 off-road king?

It’s amazingly fun, I have tuned mine to S1 and have to say it’s a real monster.
I will do a base tune in the next few days but am having such a blast with it as is I can wait.
I highly recommend you pick the car up.

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Can’t hear the turbos or blow off valve, but that’s nothin new. Engine sound is at least a well engineered V8, but it’s the same one used in the Camaro ZL1 and Ford GT350R. Other than that it seems solid.

Its a pretty stout contender, even in rwd it will keep up pretty well on the track. With the rtr mustang engine n/a it will go HARD, boosting this engine will make it pretty dang fast as well. My only issue so far is the suspension/tire/steering animations are a little off from what i can tell.

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Yep, good eyes - we saw this as well. Suspension animation isn’t accurately moving nearly as much as the actual physics at work, a known bug to be addressed in a future update (hopefully in time for series 16 in Nov)


I have an 1876HP AWD S1 tune listed for it. Snow / off-road grip and rally suspension. It is a beast. Fun to drive and drifts well on asphalt. The stock suspension is good for dune bashing, but way too spongy anywhere else. It’s been my daily since getting it.