FMDL Discussion

So I want to start FMDL again is there enough to teams around for it to even be worth it? Let’s discuss.
I have some teams already that have confirmed they would enter.

If things don’t go to poop you can count CKR in. :grin::clap:

This i agree with. The last was a fail not because of the organizers, but because of half the teams drop out for being sore losers.

CKR wouldn’t know this, but since they last entered it, we’ve had 3 more FMDL’s of which 3 out of 4 where successfully completed. So of course I would be weary in their shoes if they felt like it could go to pot. If it’s executed well it should be fun!

Im personally aware of what went down lol :smirk: And I agree bud, if things are organized and the rules are not all bogus should be very fun.

Although there’s always one rotten apple in the bunch. :expressionless:

You would have to talk to DIS Stuey. After FM4 I remember he said that he said it was the last season. Good Luck

Heya boo, I think it’s a great idea, if you can get the teams. I’ll speak to DIS.

Although it’s not my place to say here rabbit, but I did create the FMDL Tourney… However I wouldn’t want to own it this season though. If you want to do it, feel free, but can you call it something else other than FMDL, like the tandem team tourney or the trophy of teams? If I wanted to run FMDL again I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes to do it, so if you call it something else, it would be something you can own. :wink:

Just do it with 6 teams as a winter season kind of tester, that will give you enough knowledge of what needs to be done, and if the guys all co operate and work well then slowly invite more teams in :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea ! Start small and manageable.

You should run FMDL rules if that’s okay with Stuey? No HP cap or tire and weight restrictions

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No tire restriction. Me and the other wheel drifters are going to be doing backflips and jumping jacks.

Backflips and jumping jacks?

Me and X7K went over it a little. Nothing to offend anyone. :slight_smile:

I’m not offended by any means. I’m just not a wheel drifter, not sure what you mean by backflips and jumping jacks lol

What’s goin on Stuey, haha honestly I don’t even want to own I was gonna try and get a group together I would love to help out but I think a few people are required for it to work at its best! And for restrictions I think it should be FM2 rules 650hp cap an all. Lol hmm what to do I like the winter season idea.

I would start small just as a feeler six teams, see how it runs for a couple weeks and than expand it… (WDC) Winter Drift Championship or something like that lol

Loving the ideas.

Team drifting is what was so fun for me on forza, getting a team together to go against others. Trying to bring that vibe back

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