FMDL Discussion

Counter Style are down for this, would love to compete in another team competition.

Good luck getting this going again, always some good community competition, I would expect some good videos to come from it :slight_smile:

Just keep those 6 interested teams happy. I’ll find the FMDL rules and re dig them up but it was 650hp cap mainly.

I really don’t want to run it, but just call it something else rather than FMDL

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Yea I tried lookin for the old thread couldn’t find anything? I really wanted to re use abunch of stuff they made I remember the XE guys did a bunch. (Only if they let me lol)

Is there any people willing to help run it? Looking for more OG people that know the rules and stuff

So any names in mind people? Hah

That’s because I was on XE at the time lol it’s all my stuff. if I can get into my Flickr it’s all there!

I can help out Rabbit, not sure if you remember me my GT is SnF Reaction, i think we’re still friends on Live but if not I’ll add you and we’ll go from there

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I’ll help aswell, but not trying to run anythaang lol

Also it auto runs itself mate, just get the teams involved, I’ll set up the rest. The you police it.



Yes add me people so we can discuss!

Team Mouse wants in.

I thought u were dead nd didn’t play Xbox anymore!!

Rabbit and others who want to set something like this up, I’ll create some stuff for this over the next few days and I’ll get you all the things you need to get this up and running. :slight_smile:


Yayyyy Stuey just added u. And wanted hurry so u can get back in the team already!!

Bump because this needs to happen :hugs:

Talking to novikane now we need a couple more people I think that’s about it

What about doing some kinda power to weight ratio instead of a HP cap? Unless you all decide to not cap it. I remember their being talk about that somewhere in some thread, for some tourney, sometime in the history of forza. Or i dreamt it. Not sure which.

If that’s the list of teams it doesn’t deserve to be called FMDL.

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You’ve insulted more than just Rabbit with that post… I hope you know that. Honestly, try being a little less miserable. It seems like the only thing that ever comes from you is belittlement and condescension. Whether you feel it should be called FMDL or not is irrelevant. It’s something that people want to do, so let it happen and keep it moving.

I think it’s great that you guys wanna start back up FMDL. Good luck

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