FM6 Unicorn Cars?

Wondering if Forza 6 will have unicorn cars as I think it adds an interesting piece of the game. Any news?

God i hope not.


No, unicorns are of a mythical bygone age and are unlikley to ever return to the world of forza.


right please do not beat me with a stick for asking but are their any unicorns in forzamotorsport 6 or were they done away with when fm5 came out?

As far as I have it there’s no official response from T10 on this.

The Dodge Charger that’s part of the Fast and Furious promo (buy the movie and get the car in game) may or may not be a “unicorn”. Depends if they plan on releasing it later - currently its not part of the Fast and Furious car pack.

If the only way to obtain Dom’s Charger is through buying the movie I guess it can be classified as a unicorn as the promo will only run for a limited time.

Other than this, no - no more unicorns.

Ok fair enough thanks guys

Does anyone have any info on what the unicorn cars are in FM6 how to get them? when they will be getting dumped into the game?

Unicorns are a thing of the past, we will not be seeing them return for FM6.


seems kinda ridiculous for them to just off them :I i mean its not like we have a ton of new cars. 90% of the cars i have paid 100$ for each time sense forza 4 only to look in the garage and find out theres 10 new super cars 5 new soccer mom vehicles,2 trillion family sedans and missing more and more muscle cars. i mean the 06 gto?the zl1 camaro? legendary cars gone for what to come in a 2014 vw sirocco??? maybe they will get it together and throw new muscle in but a bunch of us are sick of seeing 80 audis 20 benz 40 bmws sense when did it become cool to drive a glamorized grandma grocery wagon on a race track? idk about you but when i go to a race I don’t go to a saab vs volvo showdown LOL I think snails would be more interesting to race.

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I’ll show you something I learned a while back that I liked, in a completely non condescending way.
“sense” means a feeling of awareness “since” is an exclamation of time.


I’m glad you’re always grammatically correct on forms and you feel the need to let me know I am not thanks at least you have accomplished that today but maybe put that grammar to work on your gamer tag first it’s quite flamboyant if you catch my drift grammarGANGSTA OH NO! I didn’t properly punctuate this post maybe that’s tomorrows lesson in forza grammarsports 6

Or you could look at all the posts that are complaining they can’t get unicorns in FM2, FM3, FM4 and FH anymore. While they were a nice idea, they are a seriously flawed idea.


I’m happy to see them go, as one who had collected at least 3 full sets on both FM4 and the first Horizon, it was great fun collecting them… however, I do remember the drama they created, and what eventually led to the Auction House going the way of the dodo, was the unicorns. (well, other reasons we won’t discuss, but it is because of the Unicorns)

So yes, it is a good thing, for the whole of the game, that they are no longer with us.


I guess you do have a valid point it used to cause a lot of trouble but it still was kinda nice to be rewarded with something not everyone could have the opportunity of owning at any given point in time you know?

I do, trust me I do. Before I started trying to get full sets with all the dups I had, it was wonderful to get that next Unicorn to add to my collection. It was a nice thing, but like all nice things, they get abused, or turned into an ugly thing or whatnot. Sadly, they got turned something that destroyed the overall economy of the game. Dirty money was everywhere and was getting people banned that didn’t deserve it.

Whilst Gangsta is not correctly spelled, it’s a colloquial spelling and therefore accepted to some degree by the 'hood.
Since and sense have never been interchangeable apart from at kindergarten where nobody can spell anyway. lol

And on that note, i’m off to read since and sinceability. It’s set in the past tense you know…

Also Unicorn’s caused so many issues with people that they were canned.



Unicorns are available in Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max… for those of you missing them.

Mind you I really wish they were not in Trials either, but you don’t always get what you wish for now do you…


Yeah, but they’re cat ridden unicorns, these were lion powered unicorns! lol


Erm, Ninja Cat to be precise… :wink: