FM6 Ultimate - Installation time?

I bought myself an Xbox 1 yesterday and set it up, i then purchased the Forza Motorsport 6 ultimate edition download.

The 46gb download was pretty fast, around 1 hour.

It then took 5 hours to get to 3% installed. Its currently now on 21% after a whole day.

what is the average install time for this game? surely it should not be this long? could my xbox console be faulty causing it to take so long to install?


your a star.

i can see its current usage is 53 Mbit/s and its total is 27GB. so another 20gb to go. what i can see is that the download server is shocking. some hour periods its been 1gb an hour. the last one shows it has done 8gb in 15 mins. should be done within the hour now as it seems to be flying :slight_smile:

so the initial screen that it went through with 6 queued downloads didn’t mean it had actually downloaded all the data.