FM6 Ralph Lauren Polo Red Car Pack - January 2016

They were for me, once the game update was completed, the cars showed up in the Free line up when I went yo Cars.

Presumably you have the VIP and exclusive pack privileges ?

Try rebooting and see if that helps…

Yep I have Digital Ultimate. took a few reboots but it finally showed up. Second time it has happened with a pack.

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Glad to hear you got access to your packs… Trust that you’ll have fun with them. While I find the prototypes extremely hard to drive, very twitchy for me… I do still enjoy their speed and agility. Some seem to stick like mud to a boot at launch, once you change the 1st gear ratio to suit quicker starts, they become more viable.

I do however prefer the lower classes, as with a few skilful mods, you can make the most aggressive machine more controllable, or should I say “tamed” lol… The Shelby Cobra 428 Cobra Jet as one example. Terrible difficult car given the brute horsepower it produced, yet with a few modern mods, and tweaks yo suspension, if behaved like one would expect.

No doubt the Holden Torana and Monaro will be the same. It was nice of the Forza team yo use one if my Torana -Bathurst pics a few months ago when the car was released for their monthly news segments… Loved taking that car through its paces on the mountain it tamed…

I am truly disappointed in the Toyota TS040 Hybrid Prototype. You guys state clearly that the car has nearly 1000 horsepower. But yet when you get the car it only has 784 horsepower. I hope you guys fix this issue in a content update. I know that I’m not only person who has been looking forward to having this car in the game. I was excited about getting this car. Now I’m just disappointed. This car should of been top of the P class not a P992 that struggles.

The official specs are over 1000PS (engine and hybrid). Its possible either that the hybrid has not been modelled well or that the power goes up after the hybrid kicks in.

EDIT: in real life the electric motor produces up to 300HP once activated which I think is automatic.

1000PS = 985.9HP So that 199hp that’s missing from someplace.

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I haven’t checked this msyelf yet, but with a stock TS040, what does the telemetry say in terms of power output?

If it’s a case that the hybrid only kicks in when you’re actually drive the car, the power output may in fact be higher than what’s shown on the spec sheet.

As far as I’m aware, the TS040 and the R18 are running on internal combustion alone in the game. To accurately model the hybridized drivetrains would be extremely complicated. You’d need a boost button for the TS040, for example, which FM6 cannot simulate.

Here’s hoping for the 919 being included in the Porsche pack!

Looks like it, the GT-R LM was the same (although Nissan never ran their hybrid system competitively anyway).

Based on my own testing and impressions from some of the faster P/998 drivers, the TS040 isn’t very competitive at P/992. It has the grip but gets outclassed by the 787B on acceleration and top speed. Some users have also pointed out that the Rebellion (when upgraded) is faster.

Agreed. I followed your 787B ghost around Road Atlanta for a couple of laps with a completely stock/no tune TS040 to test it!

It wasn’t too complicated for that other game. Really, these hybrid systems are so important for these cars that if you can’t be bothered to even try and get this somewhat right, then imo just don’t even bother putting them in the game.

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Lykan Hypersport’s reverse light is not working.

I think that the Hybrid systems would put them straight into X class. However, whoever saw the WEC finale at Finale saw that even Webber’s sick and dying Porsche was still quick as hell! There’s no reason for this generation’s P1s to be so much slower than an upgraded 787B, due to the incredible acceleration and downforce they have…which the Mazda seems to have got on this game too…

Not a bad pack; not a great one, mind. I mean, wouldn’t it have been nice for a pack with “Ralph Lauren” in its title to include something close to what the man may have in his collection? Maybe he has a Lykan, but I doubt it.

Speaking of the Lykan:

2016 W Motors Lykan Hypersport: OK, I get it. It was in an FnF, and obvs T10/MS has a good relationship with the series, so this was bound to happen. I haven’t driven it yet, but this car excites me about as much as a block of wood. Then again, I’m not really a hypercar guy, so we can chalk it up to the bias. At least we have something in FM6 with a moderate–indeed, very moderate–connection to Porsche.

2015 Nissan Impul GT-R: Now we’re talking. I wasn’t one of the JGTC fanboys that’s been lamenting the lack of content from the series in FM6, but I did miss having at least a cursory model in the game. Of course, my bigger hope is that this signals the impeding arrival of more JGTC stuff including tracks (although the lack of a proper JGTC number sticker on the car has me doubting that) , but it’s great to have this and I know there a re a lot of painters that have been licking their chops. May have to have more than one in my garage.

1973 Holden Monaro GTS 350: Now, I know from my travels that the Ozzies are loud, but not so loud to the point where T10 seems to be listening to their requests at almost every turn. I had no idea we’d see so many Holdens in the game, which I guess is pretty cool. While I haven’t yet driven it, the noise it makes in ForzaVista is freaking incredible (not to mention the full-size chrome wheel and tire in its trunk). Plus, it looks great in all its striped-out and lime green glory.

1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R: What a fun car. I love how it looks kinda bloated on its skinny tires, and the interior is glorious, as is the exhaust note. I’ve been using a bone stock version in rivals, and I’m really loving it. So far, it’s the car I’ve chosen to train myself to drive sans assists. Love, and while I’m sure sounding like one here, I’m not even a GT-R fanboy!

2014 Toyota TS040: I guess it’s cool to have, but the fact we already have the Rebellion car suggests this one is a little late to the party; if we’re talking Toyota racers, I would’ve rather had the Minolta car or the 7. Plus, I’m hearing it’s not that great to drive. And do cars flip in FM6?

2015 Formula Mazda: Any open wheeler is a good addition in my book, so I’m happy to have this. Should make for some interesting races against the Formula Ford. Oh, and dat noise doe.

1979 Opel Kadett C GT/E: Call me crazy, but this car (it was the free one for those that don’t have the pass, right?), is the star of the pack for me. For starters, it adds a new manufacturer to the game, which is always nice. Secondly, it sounds awesome and thirdly, it has quite the racing history. I was exited when I found out that we’d be getting modern Touring Cars in FM6; now it’s cool that we’re getting classic ones, too. As of right now, the Kadett, the Cortina, the RS1600, the '66 Silvia, the '73 Skyline, the RX-3, the Elan, the Giulia, the 2002, the Fulvia, the '74 Celica GT and the 2000 are the stars of the entire game. More like this, please.


this was by far the worst car pack yet. generally we get 6 to 7 horrible cars but at least there is one good one. The polo red car pack had 8 horrible cars.

8? what were the other 2? Pretty sure we only got 6 cars… o.O

  1. Don’t forget the Kadett.
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Personally, I don’t think there is a such thing as a horrible car. I love cars; all cars (yes some more than others). I don’t think there has ever been a car pack from Forza (any version) in which there wasn’t at least 3 or 4 cars that I looked forward to trying out. I guess Fast and Furious may have been the closest for me, but even then there is much to try out.


Then explain how I got 2 top 10 times in 2 different cars from this car pack.

A third can do top 50s from what I’ve seen online.

Therefore I can confirm 3 of these cars are very competitive.

Just because it can set a fast time does not mean its fun or desireable to drive to the 90% of players that have no interest in lapping for top 10 times. There are a lot of leaderboard cars that most people dont have any interest in driving.