FM6 Painting - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about painting in Forza Motorsport 6

Q: Can I import images from any source (Google/My own computer/etc.) and place them on a car?

A: No.

Everything you see on cars or as a vinyl group is created with the livery/vinyl editor tools within the game itself. Even Turn 10’s own painters use the same tools to create liveries and vinyl groups.

Q: Seriously? Some of these paints look so good they have to be photos.

A: Yes, seriously. A number of Forza painters are exceptionally good at what they do and have had a lot of practice with the same livery/vinyl editor tools available to everyone.


Feel free to ask questions or help provide answers and I’ll update the first post accordingly.

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Any word on if there’s a fix in the works for the designs hanging on the import option?

I did pop into the paint booth last night and it’s looking quite nice.


about half of my paint files from FM5 have been imported over…but the other half just spin and spin on the loading screen. Hoping this is simply related to the staggered launch and some functions not being fully active?


Fix for Paints…

Right this is what I know and this is the fix I used to over come the issue whilst T10 resolve.

The problem comes from lower letter ‘a’ in lower letters 1 & lower letters 7

There are 2 current work arounds I’ve tried both and they work.
( I’m sorry this isn’t ideal solution but for now it works)

if your design takes longer than 30 seconds to import then it will fail (however long you leave it), dashboard and force quit FM6
Then try either of the below…

Replace all the a in FM5 editor with another character or a random shape so you can see it clearly once imported in FM6.
(you need to do this for each ‘a’ over the design)
The design will import in seconds, then open the design and replace the a’s back to what they were.

Import the whole design as layers, top sides, front and rear by saving the entire layer sets, like previous Forza games we could do it this way.
Import via the vinyl editor (not the import design)
Note: Ingame manufacturer logos will not import so you need to remove or replace once in FM6

Once imported open the car and realign the decal sets to fit the car again.

You will see the design goes insanely pixelated. That warns that you have a rogue ‘a’ somewhere in it.
in the design the a will show as a ghost layer (clear) as option 1 replace with the a and the design will be fine.

DONT save before you have done the above in opt2 or the save will crash. So fix and save at the end

I hope that helps get you moving for now until completely resolved.
But ask if you need any further guidance



Alex, you’re a saint. Thx!

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I know putting real phone numbers on designs was frowned upon in earlier Forzas but what about web addresses are they allowed on shared designs or not?

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OK, now I understand the fix. I tried renaming the file names but it’s the actual LETTER ‘a’ from the letter set #1 & #7 that’s got to be replaced . . .

Thank you for the instructions.

BUT, how does something like this happen?!? Not asking for an answer (don’t want to know, don’t need to know), just venting . . . [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

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I haven’t a clue how or why, but it seems to be THE issue.

I couldn’t even bring my Terlingua Cobra over, and it’s the simplest thing ever, until I read the reasons above. Papa’s baby is again in the garage.



How do You Import all Your Vinyls from Forza 5 ? I have over 200 that i want to use in the new Forza 6 game,
but everytime i try to Import them, i can only use 1 wich i made myself ? Does this mean that all of the closed/locked Vynils are now useless ?

I really hope there’s a way to solve this problem. i Collect Muscle Cars, and i don’t want to start all over again with all the factory Correct Stickers and such ?

Some of the vinyls provided by the earlier versions in Fm5 and FH2 are not transferable, you get a message vinyl not available or no longer available.
And locked is locked.

I have successfully moved over about 5 paints then I ran out of patience. It is literally a pain in the 'a’s. Manually looking through EVERY SINGLE item looking for text, specifically #1-a & #7-a which I seem to have a few, on left side, right side, front bumper, rear bumper, hood, wing, etc. sure can be done but awesomely annoying.

Once I changed out all of the 'a’s in the 5 paints, I arrived at Nissan GTR which is completely littered with lettering and I just could not find myself to do it anymore (on that day). This coming after painting my JACCS Civic from ground up at least 3 times since FM2.

And I’m sure there’s got to be more more painters, both serious and casual, that’s suffering from this.

THIS, is a real BUG, folks.

Well, hello OldSchool!

How about sorting through designs? I have a couple hundred designs and scrolling to the right until I find the one I’m looking for is a pain. Can’t a sort method that mirrors the garage be implemented with designs? Or maybe if it only brought up designs applicable to the current car selected?

I vote for only car selected, you know, the way it works when we’re looking at other peoples stuff, ONLY the car selected…

Well HELLO GRD 4 3L!
Yeah, it’s a pain…but only in the cars that wouldn’t come over, and mine were mercifully few…

how do you size a decal or number for a car?

I have several questions…

1 - Why are T10’s logos SUPER high res, when the ones we put on the cars aren’t… If the logos they make are the same as the logos we make, why can’t they be high res… especially if they’re (I’m assuming) vector images…

2 - Why are some of their paintable areas unaccessable to us? (Example: Lotus E23’s rear spoiler… Theirs says Venezuela and Saxo Bank, yet we can’t paint it


why cant we paint the bottom portion of the toyota trueno to make it all one solid color like forza 4, really dislike that Just because it plastic stock bumpers that I cant change it. Also how come some cars can have window banners/decals but when we go to paint them that part gets restricted to us? ex. The c7 corvette with the bondurant paint has a windshield banner. why cant I have one on an S13? I had a window banner on my real one…Great game but some aspects lack that realistic feel.

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I asked this in Ace’s thread but this seems to be a more appropriate place:

That brings up a good point actually, what do the Terms of Service say about creating tobacco liveries? I’m aware that Marlboro paints have existed ever since Forza Motorsport 2, but I get the feeling that it’s in a gray area where such paints are pretty much guaranteed to never get featured by Turn 10 and given that a certain drift series is not allowed to be replicated in Forza Motorsport 6 I wonder where we lie as regards tobacco.

Similarly, is it forbidden to create political liveries? The Cadillac limo is screaming to be given a presidential and/or casino owner livery, but seems a sure way to bet banned. Microsoft Code of Conduct prohibits content which is controversial, which could apply to ANY politician these days.

In retrospect - you nailed it. I’ll keep the sarcasm to myself and instead use SnakeEyes Friex’s awesome Star Wars limo livery.

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