FM6 - Community choice car pack

Ever since I first heard about the community choice classics car pack for Forza Motorsport 3 I’ve always wanted something similar to happen again. With FM6 being released next month I think we still have time for this idea.

My vision of this idea is a stickied post at the top of the ‘FM6 discussion’ section (post complied by a moderator) and within the post will be a few rules and guidelines on how it will work this time around. Rather than get a site/company involved, this time it will be solely the Forza forum community. It may bring a lot of new members and fans to the site.

How it will work:
Like I said above about the stickied (doesn’t have to be) post.

ONE post per person and within that post ONE car that they’d like to see in FM6 for the FINAL DLC pack sometime in 2016. While talking about 2016, they apparently said it takes 6 months for them to recreate a car, we have that time I believe, for them to create the 7 most voted cars.

Again like I just said, ONE post per person and within that post ONE car.

Voting - You post the car you’d like to see in FM6 and then like your own post to get the ball rolling, you can like as many posts within the thread as you want, this is where you could perhaps see multiple cars that you like appear in the final 7 for the pack. I might use my post for the ‘Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth’ and then like that as that’s the car I want to see, someone else may use their one posts for the ‘MK1 Ford Escort’, I will also like that persons post as I would like to see that car appear in FM6 too.

I hope that I have made that easy to understand, you only get one post to select one car that you would like to see in FM6 and obviously the top 7 most voted cars will be the ones chosen and will be recreated by TURN10. If a car in the top 7 appears in another DLC pack then it would be replaced with the 8th most voted for car.

I personally would advise that you post a picture or leave a link to a picture so people can see the car you’d like if this goes ahead. One pic per post wouldn’t do much harm would it? And you can choose any car you like, but I wouldn’t count on choosing something that is stupidly rare as T10 may not be able to source a car in time for the packs release.

I don’t think I’ve missed anything, but if you see flawes in my idea please let us know and is this something you as community members would like to see? It would be a good opportunity to get some cars in the series that T10 perhaps overlook or cars that are low on their long list.


Looks good to me but thread will have to be moderated heavily to cut out the random discussions that will occur.

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This is a brilliant idea! I’d love for the Community Choice Car Packs to come back!

Alright then, so down to business. My car… Hmm…

I’d have to go with this:

The 1948 Tucker Torpedo (AKA. Tucker 48).

It was so ahead of it’s time, the big three joined forces to kill the Tucker Car Corporation so that they wouldn’t have to put up with the competition it’d bring. The list of innovations this car brought to the table are innumerable, and that’s why I champion this for a Community Car Pack.


Engine: Rear-Mounted, 5.7L OHV H-6 (Horizontally-Opposed Flat 6). It made 166 HP, and 372lb-ft of torque.

Gearbox: “TuckerMatic” 4-Speed Manual.

Top Speed: 120 MPH (Estimated)

Weight: 4235 LBS

Koenigsegg One:1

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