FM4 vs FM6 Drift Tuning

I posted this in another spot of the forums; however, I may get better responses here.

Up until forza 6 came out, I stuck with forza 4 because I did not like 5 that much - horizon was just not for me.

With that being said, I’ve tuned all my own cars on 4 and I’m currently sitting in the top 100 on most leader boards. But with forza 6, I just can’t seem to get the tunes completely correct.

It feels as if the car doesn’t “hold” the angle and spins out frequently. I’ve overcome this by running stiff anti-roll bars and springs - but that seems to hinder the full performance of my cars.

Looking to get some feedback on this from other forza drift players. How are you going about tuning your cars on 6? What changes did you make compared to FM4 tunes and FM6.


Also, if anyone would like to drift please comment with your gamertags.


GT: mustyelf439295 not that good but always playing!

There was a large difference between f4 and f5, I too was quite frustrated with it- wanted to love it, but it was just super difficult. Then I saw a video; Forza 5 Drifting Build Tune Guide - With: DIS - - YouTube

After tuning my cars similar to that, the game was still “difficult” in the sense that it takes a lot more work to drift than f4, but still manageable. Now for f6, I’ve mixed a combination of my old tuning styles for f4 and f5. Drifting in f6 feels like what drifting in f5 was meant to be. I can’t quite compare the jump you’re experiencing, because once I learned how to tune in f5, I played a good amount of it and was used to it, but the switch from f5 to f6 was a short and easy learning curve.

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See, within that video, aside from the differentials - that’s the closest I’ve seen to my FM4 tunes. Although I ran higher tire pressure and softer roll bars / springs. I guess I’m not bad with FM6 - top 40 on the drift rivals leader board… but that’s not saying anything given how many people have participated in it.

My biggest question is how, on FM6, do you make transitioning easier and smoother? I normally initiate the drift with clutch slip and E-Brake then control the drift by using the clutch and throttle control. With FM6, it seems whenever I use the E-Brake the car is going for a complete 360 but then when I get into the drift, it’s not stable and doesn’t want to hold the angle.

Maybe I’m using too much camber / toe.

Thank you for the reply though. Definitely curious to see what people say about it - especially those who played forza 5.

You’re spinning out in Forza 6 for 2 Reasons:

  1. Forza 4 did not have the Tire Data that Forza 5 & 6 does.


  1. Forza 6 implements a much (MUCH) [MUCH] {MUCH} better physics engine than Forza 4 and 5 ever used.

So, how to fix that:

  1. Proper Tire Pressure
  2. Lower Settings on Rear Springs

You NEED to have your tires at the proper Temperature. Both via Tune, and via Warm-Up at the beginning of the session. 32F.
With the better Physics Engine comes more realistic ability to control the vehicle. This can help and hinder you. You need to make sure that the vehicle can transfer weight properly. You also need to confirm that your gearing is where it needs to be as Torque plays a better roll now, and can be a problem when you are mid drift.

Most of these problems will be solved with more experience and exposure to the new system. I am developing an app myself to help my friends tune and troubleshoot drift cars.

They also wanted to cater to more drifting styles, so even power-over drifters can initiate smoothly, which is cool.


Dude, when will your app be ready? That looks like just what I need.

As far as drifting goes I would say I considered myself pretty good on FM4 but now I feel like a total noob again.

Its amazing how much the physics have increased. All of the logical approaches that I originally used in forza 4 were thrown out the window whenever I could do just as could with 5/5 camber as -5/-5 camber. But I see now in 6 that it’s a lot more precise and well laid out. Did exactly that and used the old calculations from fm4 and it’s definitely better. Thanks a ton

I always used 7 caster but I never really fine tuned my camber and toe - nor used it so generously. In 4, it was either maxed, half or nothing haha. But this definitely helped! Thank you.

Do you guys mind if I add any of you?

Difference: FM4 has more slip angle on the physics engine vs FM6. This allows the car to be more controllable as angle increases.

After spending the past few days with FM6’s tuning. I have set all of my suspension stiffnesses to around 3/4, with the rear a bit softer than the front to allow the car to swuat and have some good speed. Alignment really is the make or break for drift cars. Just as it is in real life. (I as well am trying to mimic FM4 feel) I have settled with tunes somewhere in this area for most cars.

CAR: BMW E36 M3 (650 WHP)

Front Camber: -1.8 ish
Rear Camber: -.8 to -1.4 (depending on power)

Front Toe: 3.8-4.2 OUT
Rear Toe: .5-.6 OUT

Caster: 7.0… As high as it will go. (this is the weird part, and much unlike FM4 Where I would go -5.0 on front camber, and like 3-3.4 caster.) The higher the caster in this game, the smoother the car becomes, and transitions.

Give it s shot! Lemme know how it goes for you. With this style setup, the more angle, the more stable the car becomes.

Have at it! I am not on as much as I would like to be… But I’m here! lol

Toe in FM6 is really odd… the relationship of it giving you more angle vs. making the car overly snappy is a fine line… I prefer lots of angle, so I’ve learned to combat and deal with the car being snappy upon transitions.

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I really think it’s all about preference. I first started drifting in Forza 5, got good and learned how to properly tune in Horizon 2, and now in Forza 6 I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I think it’s just about getting a good amount of power and tuning it just the right way. It seems like in Forza 6, every slight change makes a huge difference.

Edit: Forgot to add I spun out trying to drift in Forza 4 all of the time.

Furreal? Forza 4 Was cake walk for drifting compared to FM6… I’d be hard pressed to find somebody that has good experience with both who disagrees.

Haha I don’t doubt that! But yeah I really can’t drift right on Forza 4. I’ll try again with the knowledge I have now when I get home though. We’ll see if that’s changed any!

Yeah, forza 4 was extremely easy. Everyone had those “how to tune” posts and calculators… but honestl you could run -5/-5 camber and 5/5 toe and still be alright. Forza 6 is definitely defined a lot better when it comes to adjustments. They actually affect how the car handles.

I used Walker’s tune setup guide for Forza 4 in Forza 6 on my 350z and it is by far one of the best drift cars I’ve tuned in my opinion.

Drifting in Forza 6 seems like a major improvement from drifting in Forza 4. It feels a way i just can’t describe in words.

Not familiar with the setup guide - but if it’s along the lines of using the distribution percentage to calculate springs / roll bars and so on… I’m using something similar on forza 6. I never really had a reason to use any of the guides for FM4 because my cars felt better with extreme settings (i.e low springs, soft roll bars, max camber, ect…)

Do you have a link to this guide?

What I’ve noticed with FM6 is that you need a ton more throttle control than FM4. You can’t just come down on the throttle all the time. Also on transitions, you need to be ready for them. What I mean by that is if you get the timing right, you can catch the car without spinning out on transitions. When you feel the car start to transition, countersteer the other way at full lock early, and you should be able to catch the car from spinning out. Once you catch the car, you can adjust the steering to get the car at the angle you desire. In FM4, this wasn’t so serious. You could be a little slower with your steering, but FM6 requires your attention.

Jumping from Forza 4 to Forza 6 was/is definitely a bit of a shock from the tuning stand point. Cars are much more touchy and cagey in 6 than in 4. I wasn’t high up like the poster, but I was in 700 range on the ldrbrds myself. Initially I tried just going with my usual tuning style which of course did not go over well in 6. Spent a few days in frustration trying to work out a new tune. Checked out Walkers guide and one thing I tried was to not even install sway bars and use no toe in front or back. BAM! Using my tune style, removing the sways and using no toe finally gave me a much more smoother drift. It’s still nothing like the smooth and stable that I had in 4, but now I can actually jump in a lobby and not be one of those kids spinning out everywhere!! LOL

Someone else noted above about throttle control… This definitely plays a big part now. I was already in the habit of throttle control due to my tune style, but noticed it was needed much more in Forza 6. Learn to feather your gas finger on that trigger now, you can’t just hold that trigger in going around corner.

Torque also is far more touchy in Forza 6 as well as the turbo lag. I’ve taken to using super chargers now when they’re available just to cut back on potential over powering mid turn.

If you do have a car that’s got a lot of torque, you might consider trying a wider rear tire width until you get control of the rear end. Careful on lowering your accel. You might think it will help but what will happen mostly is if you go too low your car will simply straighten out in a turn or you’ll lose the spin on the tires. You might consider upping the decel instead and going with wider rear tires.

All in all, Drifting in Forza 6 is far more work and becomes a bit tiring rather quickly. I used to drift all day in Forza 4. I can only deal with drifting in Forza 6 for a few hours. It’s not just the whole tune situation either… I’m getting so freakin tired of people just crossing the line without even thinking of waiting for everyone else. I’m tired of getting t-boned in turns because kids come in way too hot and don’t have enough angle. I’m tired of kids who can’t control their pace and instead of backing off a bit, they just keep coming until they run into you. The timer is 29 seconds for all tracks, small or big. There’s too many laps on all tracks. You can’t mute fools during the race. You show up to a lobby, see some kid in an X class, you can’t vote kick him, that option is not available it seems until you’ve raced with them. I don’t even know if the vote kick system works because there’s no indication if someone is up for vote kick or not. Then there’s the lag! Never have I had this much lag in Forza 4…

I digress, this was about tuning, not complaining… LOL… sorry, old guys, we tend to ramble. :slight_smile:

In the end, I think the tuning is simply more touchy and more time will be required on each individual car to get the tune right. I’m sure that one can get a smooth and stable drift out of a car in Forza 6 to where drifting won’t be as much of a chore, but it’s simply going to take more time fine tuning to get it right.


the truth has been spoken!
to much kids in this game, I kinda miss the online setup and the drifttracks that fm4 had, other then that, I like FM6 although I have had to learn everything all over again.


I MISS FUJIMI!!! and maple valley, but really miss Fujimi :frowning:

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It is true that the mechanics are WAY different and even so from F5 to F6. Everyone has their own way of tuning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to drift the same setting as others. I say this because of A) settings, B) controller vs wheels, and C) personality and ability.

After saying that, I will not go against what others use as a tune or how they drift. For me, I do have a settings forum open that I have helped out over 50 people in drifting in Forza 6 because of this reasoning. My tunes can be altered slightly for different vehicles but have worked on everything from the Hummer, Escalade, Shelby Raptor to even more mundane cars of Abarth Punto, 97 Civic Hatch, Prelude, Eclipses, and etc.

It doesn’t even matter on what race parts you have, but I run with no roll cages OR turbos! Drag tires only and very high PSI. Drifting is pretty easily as with the tunes, the car WANTS to slide and can net you high amount of points and control.