FM Crash reports since June 2024 update

I opened a ticket today.

This is the content.

The problem I am reporting has been happening to me since the game was launched, but lately it has been occurring more and more often.
First of all here is a video of what happens before the freeze:

I’m playing the game, everything is working properly, then suddenly some objects in the map start flashing, some disappear, then the road turns black and the game freezes.
The console continues to run smoothly, if I start the game again I can play another 2-3 hours without any problems.

The last time today that led me to write to you happened during an Endurance race with the Forza Touring class at the Catalunya GP circuit. After 21 laps the game started flashing, with the usual problems, and after half a lap the road disappeared and the game crashed.

As mentioned, the console continues to work (no errors appear) and if I restart Forza Motorsport or other games these work without any problems.

I’d like to point out for the umpteenth time that the problem has been occurring since the game was launched, it’s random and after the 8/9 update it’s happening more often. I’ve also done a full console restore (also deleting content), reinstalled the game several times but the problem persists.

Crashed on PC while doing endurance race with 25 laps,was at 20/25 so that was 45 mins wasted.

Hi all, playing the game on PC via the Xbox app. It takes me nearly 20/30 mins to login (no joke) I keep getting attempting to sign in, or failed to sign in.

I have tried reconnecting and logging in offline, this doesnt work and game will crash.

Has anyone got this issue or just me?

There’s a few threads on the issue your having over in the troubleshooting hub, you might need to scroll for a bit to find them

Also if you do a google search for the xbox app there’s a tool that you can download from Microsoft that repairs the app, might be worth a shot

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thank you

After update, game instantly crashes when trying to load any race on Silverstone track

Thank you for your reports. This topic is being closed to refresh the data collection after Update 10. If you experience crashing after the July 2024 update please submit a ticket at Forza Support and upvote this topic:
FM Crash reports since July 2024 update

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