FM 6 Online Race - never Race alone :-(


i Race often alone versus Drivatars than in the Options of Multiplayer i can set much more things than in Freeplayer Modus. Want a taste ? Here ; I want to Race agains Cars from the Years 1960 until 1980 Class E , Index 370 until 400 or i want to make 4 Groups to have Skyline Class E , BMW 2002 Class E , Ford Capri Class E and Abarth 131 Class E. This Cars can Race together and is fair ( why i can not use this options in Freeplayer Mode ??? ) Now in FM6 i have the Problem i allways can Set the Option Max Drivatars 23 max Player 24 but i ALLWAYS get max 5 Drivatars :frowning: why ???

Please fix this Problem quick ! ! !

I dont want to drive in Multiplayer against Humans i have bad experience about unlikely People for me is much better to drive against Drivatars or CPU Drivers in the Style i have show it upper in this Massage.

FM6 is real good but with 23 Drivatars in Multiplayer it is much better ! ! !

see READ ME thread, 2nd post. T10 has provided an explanation.

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