Flag 'Car Voting' cars that are already added to the game

Is there a way to flag a car that is already in the game? I accidentally bumped this Hoonicorn thread and it appears like it is already in the game.

I have slow internet so I am still downloading FH5, but I am having a blast here on the forums. I am looking at a car list here:

And there is not only the Hoonicorn but two different versions? If there is a way to flag already-added cars, let me know! :slight_smile:

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There is no such option because votings are meant not only for Forza Horizon 5 but also Forza Motorsport and other future games :slight_smile:

If you want to cancel your vote you can do it by clicking the blue “Voted” button.

As for cars that are available in FH5, you can find the complete list here:

(it’s missing only cars added with Rally Adventure expansion and Series 19 update at the moment, but I’m sure Max will update it soon :slight_smile: )


Most threads for cars that are in FH5 will have a line reading “This car is represented in Forza games” - but I’m still in the process of adding that info to the full list. I’m also planning to add an emoji to topic titles to show which topics are cars in FH5, which should help visually. Also I’ll be revising the Index list as a table which will include the latest Forza game for each model generation. I’m also considering tagging topics with “FH5” or “FH4” for instance to indicate the last Forza game for a model, as well as a “NewToForza” tag that would help users find models that have not been in Forza games before.

Ultimately the goal is to help users quickly find the cars they want to vote on with better indexing and info, it’s just a process to get to that point.


I think that’d be a lot of effort though, and it’s also leaving a lot of room for ambiguity

Take the case of the GTC4Lusso, it was added with Series 4’s Car Pass Week 4 in January 2019, then got added in FM7 in February, would that tag still apply or would it get taken off because it isn’t technically “new” anymore?

And what about FM2023? That game will likely have a much longer lifecycle than most, how will that tag work with that?

That complexity is still part of the discussion, which is why I didn’t immediately apply it when the Suggestions Hub launched.

Which is good, i do think tags denoting the different games would be good though, maybe written out as well, so as to not clog the tags used by the community with 650 extra posts* and to make it clearer than the shorthand

*For Forza Horizon 5 alone

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Yes, that’s good feedback. Maybe something like “In-FH5”. If you all have suggestions on potential tags or indexing we could use to help identify Car Voting models by game roster please continue posting them here.

An extra idea i had was a “Concept” tag, seeing as Racecars got their own tag and that there are a lot of concepts already in the category, why not give the third big class of Automobile (beside the Production car and the Race car) a tag as well?

Maybe an official list of cars that are in the game, and a flag which lets a user match it to that car. Like the featured thread on our profile we get to choose, something along those lines where it does a little search dialog and only lets you choose one option?

Oh I like that official car list page, I will bookmark that!

With quite a lot of the top voted cars added, I think in the list sorted by top votes a green background or sth (maybe pink to represent FH5?) around an added car would look nice and would show Playground Games’ efforts and listening to fans. I would also like to see in the list if I already voted for that car instead of opening it in a new tab and checking :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that is possible with Discourse, but have a look at fh5-roster and fm-roster

If you already voted for something, the vote text would appear in bold on Discourse.

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Oh yeah, I now see the bold distinction.

maybe the nissan tsuru needs to have less votes