Fix or 1 star game

What the he’ll is this crap? Only 3 classes online A S1 S2 where is B C D why can I only use half my garage people don’t start out with S2 cars. No choice at the end of a adventure so I play a hour in S2 then the game decides to pick S2 again what a load of crap. All these classes and cars and tracks & I’m stook at the games mercy with no options or choises. Every adventure needs to finish with 3 choices of different class/tracks & while I’m at the mercy of this crap stop repeating classes omg…

Team only racing why? This is a fantastic addition but it’s an addition not something you replace the core gameplay with how stupid are you. I win 5 straight races & still loose due to noobs I love the team racing but only if I can choose to play it when I want.

Driving to event is gone I loved this part & also it was core horizon I could just chill & roll a weed between races now it’s just loading screens & long loading at times a adventure is more loading than driving sometimes.

Game gets 1 star until I have choises and all the classes available to race driving to event I’ll wait for horizon 5 if u don’t mess that up & I hope to god single player racing is somewhere coming later?