[FIT] Tunes - Various Cars Package

Hi Forza fans! FIT Club is still there and i would show you our news.
Comments and feedbacks are always appreciated.

Keyword is FIT - Search also by our GT :slight_smile:

S2000 - B600
Design by punny72
Tune by xX PR0731N4 Xx

Lancer EVO 8
Tune by bt014
design by ManInTheBox55

Mazda MX-5 2016 - B600
Tune & Paint by bt014

Nissan GT-R R33 #32
Tune and Design by ManInTheBox55

Nissan GT-R 33 #41
Tune by ManInTheBox55 (V8) and by punny72
Design by ManInTheBox55

Nissan GT-R R33 #19
Design by ManInTheBox55
Tune A700 by punny72

Honda Civic Type-R
Tune by xX PR0731N4 Xx

Design by ManInTheBox55

Design by ClydeYellow

Design by VRstyle46

Pagani Zonda Cinque - R900
Tune & Paint by punny72

GT86 - C500 & B600
Design by punny72
Tune by xX PR0731N4 Xx

Alfa Romeo 4C - B600
Design & Tune by punny72

Nissan Juke NISMO RS - B600 AWD
Design & Tune by punny72

TUNE will be available soon

Great work on the car PUNNY72 tried to download tune couldn’t find name.Typed in xX PR0731N4 Xx that worked the O is a zero and the A is a 4 hope this helps everyone…

Downloaded be C class tune. Car seems quite stiff. Handles well though. Although it’s extremely snappy when the tail comes out. You race with any of the assists on?

Downloaded both tunes (C+B) and tested on Brand Hatch:


  • Suits my driving style quite nicely (No assists, only ABS)
  • Lacks some power, but it has superb grip. Really enjoyed the controlled weight transfer. Helps a lot with the oversteer,


  • All the good “stuff” from C with a bigger kick/power ratio.

Great job. 2 tunes and livery to keep. Hope to see more grip tunes in a near future… :slight_smile:

Quality work by the Fit Club as usual. Will grab these tonight.

Glad to see you guys back

Great to see you back Punny the car looks awesome, I will download it and the tunes tonight :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for good words, glad to see some old friends and some new Forza addicted as well.
I hope you enjoy our works, we don t have a plan for next releases yet, but we are working on some new stuffs.
Thanks for comments and feedbacks.
N3xtHyp3z, all my cars are tuned with no assists, manual+clutch, steering simulation on.

Hi Forza fans, THX for all nice comments about our works, we much appreciate. I noticed some new Laptimes with the tune in C Class made by my Club Bros.

UPDATE GT86 C Class Laptimes

Prague Full - 2.08.631 (bt014)

Lime Rock Full - 00.57.394 (VRstyle46) and 00.57.486 (bt014)


New S2000 B600 TUNE at top page!

ciao ciao

Nice work guys, good to see my old friends back in the game. We’ll catch up at some point cheers