[FIT] RECAR DEEP5 paints(1983 GMC Vandra G-1500 9-13-15)

Oh, duh, I wasn’t think that on the other side it would be opposite. My bad.

Yeah, too bad you can’t change the hood on that one. Yeah, that one decal in front of the rear wheel looks like it has a heart in it. Haaaa? LOL.

You guys are really good at the decals, I’m debating about doing some too, but maybe I should just buy them if somebodies already done them well. I gotta figure out how to post my car up, because I’d like you to have a look at my car that I’ve done so far. Mine’s not a replica of a real car, but I started doing some decals of local things of interest.

That’s a Hooker header decal I started to make that one already. (I hope it wont be a problem because it says hooker) some the ones around the front I can’t make out, so I might try to find some that are similar in shape and size.

I have some decals on my SF for 1,000 cr but honestly if you buy them you wont be able to put anything you paint on your SF. it took me awhile to get into making them but once you figure out how to do it , its rewarding. A little time consuming but rewarding. and like anything else the more you do it the better you get.

Hooker Headers logo’s are usually blocked so you need to spell it H oo ker or something like that to circumvent the blocker.

That’s what I was afraid of thanks for the heads up.

Thanks Count glad to see you like it.

I also put up a non aero B500 tune for the Mustang.

Great job on the Javelin Deeps!! And the Dodge looks cool as well!! Too bad the “Hooker decal” can’t be the real thing w/o someone getting offended… I’m gonna go grab the Javelin right now! Cheers, the Count

Good work on your new stuff. I like how that Dodge is coming together.

Thanks glad you like it , I finally got to put a little more time in it so here’s an update

The real one

Super nice!!!

Hey, where was the link to that article about the Alfa. I didn’t read the whole thing but I wanted to sometime soon here. Was it in one of these threads or did you PM me? I forget.

Here it is

Thank you. I read the article. It was very very good!!!

What magazine is that?

That Dodge is looking great mate!

Thanks guys almost done with it

I think the name of the magazine is Vintage Racecar. I just stumbled upon it when I was looking for a paint for the GTA.

I used to buy that magazine sometimes. A long time ago.

Hey, do you sell your decals? Or did you buy some of them from somewhere else? Might want to snag a few.

Also, how do you post pics of your cars from the game to here? I’d like to take some pics and show you mine. Although it’s not a replica, it’s sort in the spirit of it. Plus, it’s not that good, but it’s something to show. LOL.

Okay all the hard work is done all I have to do is transfer everything to the other side. I should have it in my SF late tonight or tomorrow for free hope you guys like it.

@ GroovierWolf
I make my own decals and I have some in my SF for 1,000cr, if there are any that you want that are not in SF and I have let me know and I will put them up for you (if I already have them). Like I stated before thou if you ever wish to sell your paints you won’t be able to with locked decals on. I use photobucket when I post pictures.

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Looks good mate, but the text for driver and mechanic is out of line. Overall it is nice though.

Yes I need to square those up before load it on my SF. Believe or not those letter have given me the worst time on the whole car, even thou they are the same size they don’t look like they are when in the paint shop. I got a little frustrated messing with them and moved on, but I get them straighten out. Thanks for the feedback.

Looks good to me for sure. I’m not sure if I have that car available but if i do I think I’m going to grab one of these when it becomes available.

Thanks I hope you have one I need check out your SF (and others) also. I spend alot of time in the paint shop. I was working on the H.Header decal all last night, that’s all I had time for.

I 'm Thinking This might be the next one I do