[FIT][RACE] Clyde's Liverywerks (04/04: Haas Corvette DP)

Hi! It’s Clyde here, from sunny Italy. Been a painter since the late FM4 days; I originally specialized in modern original liveries, but eventually fell for the charms of vintage race cars and started doing replicas, too. You’ll find a bit of both in here, and then some. I pride myself in the extensive research work that goes in each livery - my replicas strive to be as accurate as possible, and my originals won’t feature a logo that’s out of place if I can help it. I am a proud member of FIT - Forzisti Italian Team - so some of my paintjobs may be released with a tune to go with it.

But enough talk, let’s rock!

Don’t be fooled - you won’t see these racing on any track in the world.

#147 Gamma Race Day Audi R8 LMS - 2015 Dutch Supercar Challenge

#40 Go&Fun Audi R8 LMS - 2015 Italian GT Championship

#97 Airlift Audi R8 LMS - 2015 Pirelli World Challenge

81 Keihin Honda Civic Si - 1986 All-Japan Touring Car Championship

#72 Nordica Honda Civic - 2015 World Touring Car Championship (available on #2 and #5 cars)

#58 FlyNiki Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 - 2015 Nurburgring 24h (available on #35 and #84 cars)

#14 Tamron Dandelion Racing MP4-12C GT3 - 2015 Super GT (available on #60 and #98 cars)

#78 Winmax 370Z - 2015 Super Taikyu

#53 Haas Corvette DP - 2016 Weathertech SporsCar Championship

From legendary racecars to movie cars, we got it all!

#24 Mecom Ferrari 250 GTO #3987 - 1963 Sebring 12h

#30 Ferrari 250 GTO #3223 - 1966 Daytona 24h

#30 Ferrari 250 GTO #3223 - 1963 Mosport GT Canada

#17 Unipart MG Metro 6R4 - 1986 Rally Manx

#3 Computervision MG Metro 6R4 - 1986 Tour de Corse

#9 Computervision MG Metro 6R4 - 1986 Tour de Corse

#7 Camoradi Maserati Tipo 61 # 2458 - 1960 Cuban GP

#77 Ch. Pozzi Ferrari 512BB/LM - 1980 Le Mans 24h (available only on #71 car)

#17 Team Gunston Brabham BT24 - 1969 RSA GP

#10 Team Gunston BMW M1 Procar - 1979 Kyalami 1000 km

#53 D&W Ford Capri Turbo - 1980 DRM Norisring (available on #2 and #55 cars)

#3 D&W Ford Capri Turbo - 1982 DRM Eifelrennen (available on #2 and #55 cars)

Unreleased projects - personal and bespoke liveries.

#5 SCCA Club Racer Honda Civic Si - requested by Motor City Hami

#51 SCCA Club Racer Mazda Miata - requested by Motor City Hami


Turn 10 wk. 5 RACE category pick - #72 Nordica Civic
Turn 10 wk. 14 RACE category pick - #14 Tamron Dandelion Racing MP4-12C
Turn 10 wk. 17 RACE category pick - #78 Winmax 370Z


Good to see you Clyde, expecting some great paints :wink:


Same here, Clyde. Good to see you back in the paint booth.

Can’t wait to see what you do in FM6 Clyde!

Ciao my friend :slight_smile:

So good you’re in FM6 and so good FIT Club is always there.

Wait for your new amazing liveries!

Wow, all this encouragement and I haven’t posted a single shot yet! It’s great to see this forums alive again, and… Thank you, guys.

Let’s make up for the lack of paints in this thread now, shall we? French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi and JMS Racing entered a vast field of 512BBs at the 1980 Le Mans, including not one, not two, but three cars sponsored by the European University of Antwerp, a private college which clearly had a much greater budget than my alma mater. Car #77 was raced by Andruet and Lena and retired due to ignition problems. The livery’s shared and available for the #71 Ferrari France car (which, incidentally, was driven by the same couple of drivers!). I am also considering doing something a bit… Different with this livery. So stay tuned!

Awesome work Clyde! I’ve always liked your taste, as it was quite close to mine haha. I’ll be downloading this one ASAP for sure.

Absolutly amazing! Really clean, great logos work. A must have.

ciao my friend :slight_smile:

Nice work Clyde keep them coming… I pondering a thread again but can’t be bothered at the moment lol

May release this bad boy 'ere over the weekend with two other R8 liveries. May add a sponsor or two in the meanwhile.

Feels good to be back.

geat logo work, can’t wait my friend to see finished!

ciao see you later

Looking very nice mate, the Gamma logo is very 80’s and cool mate. I can’t wait to see the next one and I am hoping for more.

I know! It has that late 70s / early 80s vibe that feels so good. I may actually use it again, perhaps on a Group 5 car? Zolder’s always been in the DRM calendar back in the days, so I guess a wildcard Capri wouldn’t feel that odd.

Anyways… Here I present you not one, not two, but three new, original but plausible liveries! Which means I’ve been more productive this week than in the past two years.

They’re all available for download right now.

yes please!

Really nice Clyde! i’m really excited what comes next!

Ciao Ciao

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My friend, absolutly amazing designs, much nice and rare sponsors, so attention to details like always.

And…yes me too i’m back to paint like 3 years ago…

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Thank you, guys.

Finally decided to port the old Keihin CR-X, in the process adapting to a car model that actually raced in the All-Japan Touring Car Championship, the Honda Civic AH. Alas, we can’t fit a proper Mugen bodykit and rims to it, but at least now you should have an alternative to all the '87 season Motul liveries that should’ve flooded the Sharefront.

Nice, like the civic :slight_smile:

Very nice paints so far mate, keep up the good work.

The Ferrari is awesome, im not driven or bought it yet but when i do will be rocking that design, and the Gamma R8 is sweet too!
Sometimes the minimal base works and this is very true on that design, just lets the logos speak.

Bizarrely ive just been painting the Go & Fun logo for a completely different replica! haha