Finished a 4 hour race around Homestead and my game crashed on the rewards screen.

Did a 4 hour race @ Homestead oval.
No Assist - Full Simulation - Unbeatable AI

I used a 50%Cockpit View and 2 x 100%Credit VIP Gold Card (Mods)
I won the race and it took about 2 minutes to move on to the podium screen, when I pressed A to go to the winnings/credits screen my game crashed to the xbox home page.
I have reopened the game and much to my displeasure I have found that I didnt recieve any credits or rewards for the race and all the mods used are now gone.(MY VIP 100%CREDIT x 2 is what im more annoyed about) and 4 hours of my time feels absolutely wasted for no reward.

I had been saving my VIP modss until the VIP feature had been added and used them today.
Is there something Turn10 can do please.

Any update

Dont know if this will help but I did a quick 50 lap race on Homestead today using the Ford Escort HE with 3 100% Mod cards Drivtars set on Max and no assists as cards turned them off got 66,000 base for the 50 laps 30s a lap so about 30 min all up start to finish and had no isseus with the game crashing could be the lenght will give it a whirl later as need to make some creds now that freeplay is back to working.

OK so have done a 1 hour race on Daytona at night with 3 rewinds due to bad drivtars clipping me now all went well at end of race got almost the correct credits for some reason Did not get any Drivtar bonus and I checked this in race serrings as well as Drivtar settings both said Unbetable 100% just befor I sellected start race however something strange I got my achevements for 50 and 100 laps for MP I dont use MP but now have the Achevements for doing over 100 laps. So may be best to stay away from timed races and instead do 20 laps of one of the longer high speed tracks will give you the same ammount of credits per hour of racing.