Finding paints only shows me about 10 or so

When I buy a car, the only paints (designs) that show up are the few in the recommended box. No others show up unless II specifically look for a creator’s gamertag. Does this happen for everyone else as well? I’d like to see more designs without having to look for specific gamertags.

Edit: This also happens when I’m looking for a paint for a car I already own.

This is normal. You don’t have to search by gamertag to find more though. You can use one of the keyword lines to find more or type something into the description line. If you do this you will get a lot more than 10 at a time. If you have a rough idea of what sort of thing you are looking for it works well. For example, I bought the new Z28 and typed Stevensom into the description and found a well done rendition of the Stevenson racing GS car. I typed NASCAR in the description when I bought the Monte Carlo SS and found a lot of work by Swedish Thunder with more modern NASCAR liveries as well as a sweet Darrell Waltrip Pepsi Challenger livery. Swedish Thunder’s are awesome but I was looking for something that was more from the period the car was from. When I bought the 69 Camaro SS I typed in Penske and got several Sunoco Camaros, most weren’t that good but did find an awesome one.

I’m usually looking for something sort of specific obviously but if you just want a general race livery you can just set the first keyword line to Racing and see what pops up. There are lot of other keywords you can use to find other things you might like though.

If you find that you like a certain painter’s work, you can favorite that painter and then that person’s work will always show up first ahead of any other featured designs when you buy a car.

If you search, but don’t put in any keywords, names or description, you will see all the designs for that car.


Thats a good tip. Thanks for sharing i didnt know that either!!

Thanks guys, will try tonight.