Filter needed for New cars

Hi Forza folks, please can we have one more filter in My Cars? I would like a filter for New, so I can easily see which cars I have yet to try out. A simple fix that will make life so much easier. Thanks :+1:


And used cars. Nobody wants second hand cars in his garage! :smiley:

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And FEs…

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I’d actually be ok with that second hand cars filter, lol

I think they should just add every filter possible as programming filters is easy.


And, move the Drivetrain Filter options to just below Favorites/Upgrade Presets… It’s all I currently use Filter for aside from Favorites.

a filter for duplicate cars would be nice as well.


I would like this filter added also. I have over 600 cars and I can’t always remember recently added cars to find them I have to comb through each manufacturer to find the new vehicles.

Sort by recently added.

Isn’t there a filter for recently added?

I do agree though, there needs to be a way to filter cars better in this game. There is ideas in the wishlist that you should vote on which are along the lines of this.

There is. In the car select screen you can press X and then sort by manufacturer, country, year, maybe others and recently added.