Filter cars by division in garage

Since the laggy garage won’t be fixed, could we at least be able to have more filtering options to select a desired car more quickly? Like filtering by division or sorting by price?

You can filter by division.

You can only sort by division

Set a filter to a specific class in addition to sort by division and you’ll get rid of most of the fluff.

If you have a lot of stock versions of cars, select the applicable classes the fit that division.

Or set a filter to a specific class only if you know it will show near the top of the list

Or they could add an option to filter by division.

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your not making sense, you can filter the garage by division and car class ( A,B,C) what more do you need?

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That would be quite a long list just sellect Division and the sellect the Class it is in Like if you want classic mussel select C class and most other divisions will dissapear

Won’t happen.

We’ve been asking since FM5 to add better filter criteria for paints and tunes and that hasn’t happened. In FM4 you could sort by all sorts of criteria that mattered.

Since those requests haven’t been considered I doubt yours will.

I think the OP is talking about choosing specific divisions to show and hiding the rest, which would reduce the number of laggy tabs to scroll over. While I am not against this, I think it’s more important that the game should run smoothly when tabbing through your garage. Right now it doesn’t.

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That’s exactly what I’m talking about

I would love to have the option to filter by price like in forza horizon. Saves you a huge amount of time when trying to buy cars.

Use division and class filter, if you know the max PI, you know the class. :wink:

Very easy to find race cars with this method.

128 posts by the OP, but can’t find the wishlist thread…
Here it is:

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