Fiat 500 2020-current (New 500, Fiat 500e)

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Fiat 500 (New 500, Fiat 500e)

This topic includes the Abarth New 500e Scorpionissima and any other production variants.


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  • Cabrio
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  • Base (94hp)
  • Premium (117hp)
  • Abarth (153hp)
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2024 Abarth 500e

With a 42kWh battery pack installed, the Abarth 500e’s electric drivetrain pumps out 155ps of power output and 235Nm of torque, making it capable of a 0-100kph time of seven seconds and has a top speed of 155kph.


You’ve picked the wrong 500e. It’s Abarth 500e, NOT Mercedes-Benz 500E.

2024 ABARTH 500e



This is the 500e the Forza producers are supposed to feature, not the Mercedes-Benz 500E. They’ve picked the wrong car.


The New Abarth 500e is a real Abarth and even more Abarth than ever, meaning that it offers an irreverent, playful, yet bold style, and a thrilling driving experience with the same amount of fun! Combining performance, electric power, style and a new powerful sound, the new Scorpion turns advanced technology into adrenaline, and sustainability into performance. Thanks to its electric architecture, in fact, along with improved weight distribution, better torque, and a wider wheelbase, the New Abarth 500e is faster and more exciting in both urban and suburban driving, ensuring the best performance.

The New Abarth 500e is the most responsive and exciting Abarth 500 ever in city driving, performing better than an Abarth 695 in responsiveness. In fact, it is 1 second faster in the urban pickup, which means 50% faster acceleration from 20 to 40 km/h than its gasoline-powered counterpart.

The New Abarth 500e is also faster outside of city driving, for example on hairpin bends, where from 40 to 60 km/h it can reach the target speed in just 1.5 seconds-much faster than its petrol version, which lags behind by 15 meters, reaching 60 km/h a second later.

Finally, on the open road, the full electric New Abarth 500e performs overtaking maneuvers faster than its petrol version, reaching a speed of 100 km/h (starting from 60km/h) when its petrol counterpart is still driving at 91 km/h, with a difference of approximately 1 second. To summarize, on ‘Misto Alfa Handling Track’ at Balocco the New Abarth 500e beats the 695 by over a second.


Should have pick the Abarth 500e instead of the Mercedes-Benz 500E. You producers picked the wrong 500. It’s 500e, NOT 500E. GET IT RIGHT!

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153hp EV this is much worse than the 500E
They did everything right the 500E is much cooler and faster than this

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153hp EV this is much worse than the 500E
They did everything right the 500E is much cooler and faster than this

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Adding the Mercedes-Benz 500E is the BIGGEST MISTAKE ever done. They should have featured the 2024 ABARTH 500e instead. Small but awesome.

I would have the BMW XM over the Citroen XM. The Lexus NX instead of the Nissan NX. Or the Ford Maverick pickup truck over the old Ford Maverick coupe.

Learn modernization.

Around 120 more people voted for the MB so I definitely wouldn’t say they made the wrong choice.

They just didn’t make the choice you liked.

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Uh, okay. Apologies for miscommunication and confusion.