– New to H5 –

Auto Hennig M4.

Painted in H4 but never shared. This AH Performance M4 design is shown in this YouTube video by MORE EFFECTIVE Studios.
I remember at the time I was doing this that the Rotiform ‘Drip’ logo almost made me wish I could use Glass2k, LoL, honestly in all the years I’ve been dabbling in the paint booth that has to be the most difficult decal I’ve attempted to recreate by eye.

The widebody kits really are a bit of a pain sometimes and on this vehicle it messes up the design specifically on the right hand side around the petrol cap and also at the rear around the LB wing. It bugged me enough to share some versions to cover the combinations of Standard/Widebody kit plus Race/LB wings.

Car: 2014 BMW M4 Coupe
File: TMHXCLSVM4 stock
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File: AH M4C body only
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File: AH M4C full kit
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– New to H5 –

DragonRacing88 .com 488 Pista.

Another DragonRacing88 livery which I hadn’t shared before…

Car: 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista
File: Dragon 488 Pista
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Love the AC/DC design

So much cool stuff! Love the ACDC and Public Enemy designs. Can’t wait to see what you come up with over the next couple of years in FH5!

Thanks guys, I’ve got one more AC/DC design to come and ideas for more eventually :wink:

–FH4 import–

AH Performance Drift Taxi.

We don’t have the exact model that this is meant to be on in game so I decided to put this design on the M5 saloon, rather than any of the M3s.

Car: 2012 BMW M5
File: AH Taxi 2012 M5
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–FH4 import–

Autohaus Vasold M2.

If memory serves I think I saw this one during a random search on the Essen Motorshow. Not much of a story to be honest… liked the look of it… painted it… :smirk:

Car: 2016 BMW M2 Coupé
File: V.sld M2 COUPÉ
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Very cool design, big GG to you
can’t wait to see more.

me too have create gtaV replica on FH4, if you want see them, you can find them on the forum fh4 :wink:
put some of your designs, i love it

Thanks my friend :beers: I couldn’t find your thread but knowing you they’ll all be very well made! Think I’ve got 4 or 5 max, spread out on different cars over the last few games so will have to see which ones are in Mexico.

–FH4 import–

Santa Blanca Trophy truck.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands - undoubtedly the best co-op shooter I’ve ever played. Promised to bring my mate AZ Freefly’s favourite in game vehicle into Forza a while back and did consider embellishing it with some UBISOFT/ Ghost Recon decals but decided to concentrate on getting an accurate logo instead because all the others I’ve seen have used the standard Forza fonts.

Car: 1993 Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck
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–FH4 import–

Santa Muerta truck.

Also from TC’s Wildlands, from the Santa Muerta pack…

Car: 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
File: Santa Muerta ZR2
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that’s very cool, GG
want see more

Cheers again xkalibur, I’ve acquired a few more cars so will be able to share some more of the older paints soon…. been concentrating on getting some new ones done so that I can use them in this week’s Playlist.

Very cool stuff! I’m still partial to your Dragon Racing design. Great gallery.

You “nail” every design :sunglasses: No shortage of amazing artwork and imaginative designs :+1: Definitely keeping a look here.

Public Enemy No. 1!!!

Play this while watching. :wink:

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Thanks ryn0, I’ve only got the 2 Caymans from wheelspins so far which I was surprised at seeing as I’m nearly at 300 cars in the garage. Shared those GT4 variants earlier. Surely I’m going to get the Toyota, some of the Ferraris and Mercs soon… not sure what the score is with the McLaren 12C, I’m hoping it’ll be in the game later on.
Anyway, I’ve still got a couple of versions that hadn’t been shared before so it’s not just old imports :wink:

Much appreciated Kool, didn’t really want to a break so I’m loving being able to paint again after a whole year! (Let’s just hope they don’t “update” the game and stuff it up again :crossed_fingers:t5::pray:t5:)

“Kickin’ like Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection…” :grin:
Thanks for posting that, really made me smile - just gave the neighbours the benefit of 5 mins of Mistra Chuck too!

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Thanks for livery! And neighbours need some Revolution from time to time. :wink:

I like them all, and scorpion is my favourite.

Much appreciated Aqua!
Been a bit slack keeping this thread updated so here’s a couple of recently shared new designs and imports…