FH5 Release Date, Pre-Order, and Editions info

Forza Horizon 5 Release and Pre-Order Info

Official info comes from the official FAQ at Forza Support. Refer to this article regularly as it may be edited before any changes are reflected in this thread.



Platforms listed in the trailer:

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming

FH5 Steam page


According to the official FH5 FAQ:
“Please check with your local retailers on pre-order availability for the Forza Horizon 5 Standard Disk Edition. There are no pre-order incentives for Forza Horizon 5.”

Following are links to common retailers; these links may change during or after the preorder period.

Xbox links to Microsoft Store


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Thanks for taking all that community input… Done in total secret. I thought we were past that. Just give me a rear view mirror this time in all views

Oh good, with crossplay between XB1 and XBS/PC confirmed I think that means the XB1 version will stay in lockstep with the Series versions feature-wise.

Also the Series S plays at 1080p/30? That’s pretty weak.

Idk… there was such an intense focus on playground games. Nothing that gets me exited. I’m here for the road races not the mini games. Also it seems like FH5 uses the same lobby system but with more players (16?). The lobby system worked so great in FH4, not. Why continue using it? I’m sick of having lobbies with 2 or 3 people.


If i buy on steam will my forza score still be updated with my Fh 5 progress? Or i still need the Microsoft (mediocre)store version?

This is my question as well.

Pretty sure I read that even though you are purchasing on Steam, its just a front end, it still goes through the normal Microsoft Starting mode. Otherwise it would be a different game essentially.

I’m all set for early access. Very anxious to see the cover car

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if u have game pass and u preorder the add on bundle do u get the preorder bonuses or do u have to buy the game Separate to game pass

Pretty impress with the new FH, just hoping it’s different from the last title and not a quick fix.

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if u have game pass and u preorder the add on bundle do u get the preorder bonuses or do u have to buy the game separate from gamepass

The game looks BEAUTIFUL. That game creation lab could be amazing if it’s really in depth.

So will Forza Horizon 5 be a Play Anywhere title that can be purchased via Steam and played on Xbox Series X as well? I refuse to purchase it from the Windows Store. I won’t fall into that trap again.

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Are we going to be able to preorder FH5 on Steam?
I could preorder it from the MS store but i dont like the ms store.
The FAQ says i could wishlist it.

What is up with the pricing in Euros? Specifically the Standard and Deluxe Editions.

Standard Edition:
$59.99 USD
£54.99 GBP (77,39 in USD)
€69.99 EUR (84,85 in USD)

Deluxe Edition:
£69.99 GBP (98,50 in USD)
€89.99 EUR (109,10 in USD)

Premium Edition:
£84.99 GBP (119,62 in USD)
€99.99 EUR (121,22 in USD)

I was sure this was a mistake, but I checked the price for FH4 on Steam. It’s also 70€ for the so called standard edition. Damn that’s expensive for a small chunk of a 4 year old game.

I think that most of us will get the ultimate edition anyway. In hopes that we actually get the complete game. I really hope they won’t exclude any car packs or expansions from the ultimate edition

This is what I am worried about. Very suspicious that its called “Premium Edition” now and not “Ultimate Edition” like every Horizon before. Makes me think that they want to monetize future add-ons and DLC differently. So get ready to open your wallets!

At this point it’s just a rip off. I have to pay almost 25 USD more just because I live in the eu? Guess I will wait until I find the game somewhere for less than 40€… oh well

According to what I can find, the average VAT in the EU is about 21%. At that rate the $84.85 is really more like $70.12 with VAT excluded. Still a premium, but that takes out more than half of the differential. And the Premium Edition at $121.22 is pretty much even money excluding the VAT.

So I cannot preorder the standard physical disk game and then buy the Premium Add-Ons Bundle once the game releases? I am also disappointed they are not doing a steel book release.