FH5: Motor Vehicle additions, MOTORS, not EV

Yo FH5 Team,

Been a long time player, FH1 - FH4 over 200 days of gameplay.
Through the history this game has been freakin’ fantastic with all of the sounds, effects and research, g-force, all of the elements of the game applied over the several years. MUCH APPRECIATED.

FH2+3+4 all included historical vehicles which we all love, but the focus on pure EV introduction, is another monster. These cars cannot be upgraded and are generally catastrophic. Like Terridbad. Voided warranties IRL. Those things get hit or hit something on their own in any accident, in the real world, the fire can’t be put out for hours. Just please remember the original engines…
(Unless you’re pushing this just for the Hot Wheels or future DLC), let’s bring back some of some good oldies back to FH5! Vehicles in every country known since development!!

It’s a new release technically, but from the history of Forza Horizon X, the age & player groups you should really attend to. Most EV’s just suck, and that’s a fact.

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Given the relatively small number that have been included or even actually added, one can’t reasonably call it a “focus on pure EV introduction.” There’s certainly an EV theme to this months seasonal activities, but it will pass and the world moves on.


there are still way to less EVs in the game

thats just your personal taste but not a fact

in fact we need more EVs



Saying we need more EVs is just your personal opinion, not a fact.


List three (yes, 3) EVs that don’t have motors.


There’s the Ioniq, which I’m 300% certain propels itself with patented Ioniq Breeze technology…

All electric Ioniq has front mounted PMS motor.

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I see that went over your head. Possibly because the Ionic Breeze commercials never plagued your country.

The VW EV was a kick to play around with in FH4. It needs to show up here. The few EV’s we have in the game (e extreme not withstanding) are a blast.

Just to set the record straight, an EV does have a motor.

Just add EV’s one at a time, not 20 at a time and dominate the game.

They can add as many EV’s as they want, most are too portly to be competitive anyways. None of them will become the new “meta”…The only reason the Raesr became competitive was the broken drift trans…


Don’t tell them that, they’ll do another e extreme thing on us!


No, they dont. You dont like em? thats fine. But thats not the problem here. The problem is that PPGS dont have a clue how to do things in the right way. Like having two frikkin weeks in a row with a playlist focused on EXTREME E. For example. Everybody will end up burnt out eventually but its not because they are electric cars. Thats another story.

I love EV cars. In the right proportion. I love the Lotus Evija (amazing car) i love the i-pace jaguar i love m any electric cars. The problem is when you dont have any other choice but to play with electric cars because pgs forces you to. In the moment they take away your freedom to play as you wish, it really doesnt matter if they are electric cars or not.


I’m happy to have Evs included. They’re clearly the future of car manufacturing and design so it would be absurd to ignore them. And just like ICE cars, some of them I like and some I don’t.

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If the EV being added is a completely new model, I have no complaints about it.
I would rather welcome them than a boring another variant of the Huracan, 370Z, or 911.

My only complaint I have with the FH5 EVs is that most of them are extreme high performance models.
Real life EVs are not just for supercars and high end cars. I want a more “slow” common EV like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt that appeared in FM4.


If you’re referring to the weekly chorelist then you never had a choice to begin with so not sure what your point is apart from complaining more.


Right? The one time he decides to stick up for the game, and its over EVs. Give me a break.

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Oh, boy. If there’s one thing the internet has not learned by now as a collective across multiple different platforms is that you don’t want Runoff1999 in a thread with people praising EVs, because things would get ugly if there weren’t community guidelines in place. As a result, I’ll keep this short.

EVs suck. You’re all objectively wrong, and the death of ICE will be all your fault. The end.


just to throw my two cents in here, internal combustion cars have “engines” while electric vehicles have “motors”. and as for EVs sucking, i beg to differ. they tend to be faster off the line and if tuned correctly can nearly match some of the fastest internal combustion cars’ top speed. granted, there are a few that are left wanting in the performance department (looking at you Mini FE) but overall they represent a fun and interesting change to play around with. i used almost exclusively all electric vehicles when i went through all the Hot Wheels events and still use them occasionally for PR stunts.


And i dont have a clue what your point is apart from, again remark one of my comments. Its getting old at this point. Dont you have anything else to do? could you at least grow up a little? you didnt post anything at all until i came. Are you serious? could i complain to the mods for harrasing? i dont think so. lol.

I’m going to take issue with that, and I’m an environmentalist. EVs are a short-sighted solution at best. The pollution caused by manufacturing new cars, recycling and disposing lithium, setting up new distribution, and burning carbon to produce the electricity for those cars to run on is all being failed to be considered by most people, including a lot of governments.

E-fuel is by far a better solution. It can run on all modern cars without modification, can run on old cars with minor modification, can use the current distribution system, doesn’t have dangerous byproducts when burned (like carbon monoxide), and since the carbon being burned was farmed out of the atmosphere, it’s carbon neutral.

If it were to become standard, then the message stops being we need to buy new cars (which is terrible for the environment) and starts being we need to keep cars going as long as possible.

The current issue is cost, but more investment, more R&D, and mass production all can go a long way to reducing that.

EVs would still have their place, especially in vehicles that need lots of torque and weight is not a concern. Trucks, public transportation, utility vehicles, that sort of stuff. But the everyday car should be using E-fuel.