FH5 Forzatography Welcome Guide

Welcome to the Forza Horizon 5 Forzatography forum!

It’s nice to see you here and it would be great to see your photos here!

To post your game photos in this forum:

  • Find the link for FH5 Gallery under the Community dropdown list at the top of this site page.
  • Select one of your photos and download it to your computer.
  • Use a hosting site (like Flickr) to store the photo at a url address with a .jpg or .png extension (this also works for Twitter pic urls without the dimensions). Linking directly to the image in your Gallery images here won’t display it using forums formatting.
  • When posting your photo, click the image icon in the post formatting bar and enter your pic url. Or just paste the url and wrap it between img and /img brackets.

Guidelines and rules:

  • Use a single thread to serve as your gallery if posting multiple photos.
  • Respect the galleries of others - feel free to comment with approval, not negativity.
  • Feel free to chat about Photo Mode settings, composition techniques, and great places to snap a shot at Horizon Mexico.
  • We prefer in-game shots with the watermark. If you have edited a photo before posting it, indicate that in the post.
  • All visual content posted on the forums is subject to the Forza Enforcement Guidelines.