FH5 complete application of the convertible bug fix

I would love to see the devs actually keep their word and finish applying the convertible bug fix to the two Miatas, the two S2000’s, and the MB SLK. One of the devs responded to a question about this in one of the podcasts and he categorically said YES, they would apply the fix to the rest of those cars, yet the problem appears on the “won’t fix” section of the known issues list. I don’t appreciate being lied to, especially after spending so much money on this game. If they won’t finish applying the fix, the least they can do is tell us why.

There is a thread about this in the main forum, and I have submitted more than a few support tickets, so this is the last thing I can try. If enough of us complain, then maybe something might be done. I’m not hopeful, though.