FH3 vs Steering wheel + shifter

Hey guys so i bought my TH8A GEAR SHIFTER FOR MY TX BASE
And i quit like to drift in fh3 so i was super happy that at last i dont need to catch that B button on wheel to use handbrake
But from moment i plug everything i saw that FH3 made some stuppid layers of buttons mapping
So it means that you can choose style from 5 layers and there is no option to mapp manualy buttons how you want… so sad its
Almost the same like NFS 2015 they made racing game but no wheel support on console.
Because now i changing gears with controler and using shifter as a handbrake for drift
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I think you can use the clutch pedal for the handbrake by clicking switch clutch/handbrake but obviously then you cant use the clutch for a clutch. Theyre not going to add button mapping so uhhh yea.

You can button map from the device settings menu on Xbox One.