FH3 rock climbing

Since forza is introducing drift zones why don’t they build rock climbing zones. Zones for us to rock climb with old jeeps or new trucks, etc. We need big mountains for us to climb hills with. So forza team if you’re read this I think it would be in your best interest to add this to the game in a future update.

Do you mean hill climbing or rock climbing?

Hill climbs and I am there. Rock climbing no thanks, Trials was bad enough.

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i do mean hill climbs and i hope that forza adds this in to the mountain that is in the game

Dubai style hill drags would be a blast and something totally different… rock crawling, lol.

There is one trail race I did yesterday that felt like a hill climb, it was a mixed tarmac / dust road and sure was going uphill quite strong. :slight_smile:

I think it was part of a Byron Bay SUV 5-race championship (Horizon presents).

I would also really like some rock crawling in Forza Horizon 3. I know of two spots, and a couple more in Hotwheels. But, like straight up rock crawls, small courses, and difficult rocks would be awesome. PLEASE FORZA HORIZON 3 TEAM THINK ABOUT THIS!!!

I feel like this is a little too far off from the main concept of FH3. The Crew has hill climbs, but not as terrain filled as rock climbing.

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Rock crawling would require a COMPLETELY different set of physics to do, as it would actually require suspension articulation and accurate low-speed weight transfer and such that Forza’s physics engine simply does not do. As it is now, try to run over some rocks in FH3 and just look at how much work they would have to do.

It’s also a very niche sport that is very slow (aside from rock bouncing) and requires a lot of thought, so the general ADHD-afflicted casuals and children that are the new target audience would have zero interest in it… Pretty much 0% chance it happens.

Hill climbs on the other hand… I could see them doing something like that. There is that one neat very twisty dirt road on the west side of the map that would have worked good, but unfortunately we can only run it going downhill as an event. Also some of the routes in Blizzard Mountain were hill-climb-ish.

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I’m not going to buy another game for rock crawling. But Forza should really think about rock crawling and mud drags for Forza 3

All content development for Forza Horizon 3 has ended so i guess you’re out of luck, lol. Hill-climbs and rock crawling would be interesting but rock crawling or mud racing would require dedicated physics for those environments, they tried something like this with Blizzard mountain but really all they did was lower traction values when you were on snow. If there was enough interest from the community they’d put time into it but that’s highly unlikely too happen. I mean look how long it took them to respond to the drifting community.

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