FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Some more Topics for Merging

Not sure how you want to treat the Nikrub as it’s just a rebadge

More topics for merging

[Staff edit - Buick Regal and Holden ZB are locked with redirect to the combined Opel Insignia topic, to help users looking at the Index. - T10MM]

Done, I will add more details to each topic later

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Yea it’s the Moke Sport based on a Mini Moke so I’ll fix that as well.

I’ve closed that Roadster Topic since all I can find on that is some Spanish Magazines talking about it and renders.

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Add business class cars (F-class cars) like Maybach, BMW G70, Mercedes S class, Rolls Royce, Cadillac Escalade 23(long), Lexus LX570-LX600, Toyota Land Cruiser 300, if possible. Also, can you add cars such as BMW X6M, BMW M3 Touring, Zeekr 001. I understand that it’s not possible to add all the cars to the game, but I’d still like to at least know which ones would work! How long is it possible to add a particular car from this list?

Check the index or use the Search in the Top Right as most of these are already Topics

If they’re not already Topics then drop a Submission in the Submission Thread.

As for time there’s no guarantee these will make it into the game due to the Licensing process. Highly voted topics though will be given more attention if there is a possibility of securing a License for them.

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(Don’t take this too seriously)

Currently the topic of the Ferrari Purosangue is labeled with SUV but Ferrari insists it’s not a SUV…

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Even Wikipedia lists it as a SUV so we may as well keep it for reference purposes.

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It lists two different “represented as” models

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Fixed thank you

Two more topics for merging

I believe this is missing the 2018 SRT Trackhawk

Separate this car into its own thread or group it in with the rest in the main one?

@KillerSpectre21 I got a stupid question;

Is there a way the mods decide which Hot Wheels fantasy cars get their own voting topic and which don’t?

I’m asking this because the Dimachinni Veloce and the Baja Bouncer got their own voting topic roughly a month ago, and a few Hot Wheels fantasy models such as Hollowback already have their own voting topic as of October 2022.

I’ll be sorting this out in the coming week or so. We’re deciding whether they should be in Car Voting or Partnerships.


Some more topics for the merging road (also maybe for a demerge into a VE and VF topic like in Car Voting - FM)

Question, why is it labeled as “Modern” when the poll suggests it’s for cars all the way to the 80s?
In FM 20 year old cars are labeled under “Modern” (which I already think is not correct, but that aside), but 40 year old cars goes a bit far…
Can the Modern be removed from the title?

Same goes for the F1 and Indy topics.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Chevrolet S-10 pickup 1982-1993 (GMC Sonoma)

Could someone split the European and Japanese Honda Accord Gen 8 into its own vote as its not the same as the North American Gen 8 Accord this one also has a wagon body style compared to the North American Gen 8 Accord it is also known as the Acura TSX but I would prefer the Honda version as that one doesn’t have the beak grille