FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

I’m working on a bulk add of the 3000+ models in the FH voting section to be duplicated in the FM Car Voting section, it just may be next week until we’re complete.

We’re doing this to get more specific results for the devs to quickly see which cars are most requested for each game.


Great to hear, I think it’s a super smart move! Sounds like a lot of work, so good luck! Will votes & thread notification alerts remain for both the FH & FM threads?

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We’ll keep the existing vote count in the FH section but users will have to upvote new topics in the FM section.


That is a great idea, it helps to know what community wants what and FINNALY eliminates that votes that askFM vs FH that sometimes were highligh unfairly agnaist motorsport

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Because the fictional cars like the Warthog and the Hot Wheels cars are based on existing products in a different IP that has existed for a long time. The Warthog has existed in the Halo franchise since 2001 and was designed internally by Bungie while Hot Wheels has been designing and making cars for decades now based on both real world and internal creations.

The issue with a car like yours is that A) there’s no precedent to base it on yet since it literally doesn’t exist at the moment and B) Who would own the copyright? Since you’re classifying it as a Nissan it would be theirs but they’re not making it and would probably just get their lawyers to send you a Cease and Desist if someone tried to add it to the game.

Your best bet tbh if you just want to design a concept car is to remove all references to Nissan and have it be a completely original design with your own brand.

There’s basically 0 chance at this point unfortunately that a AAA Developer would consider it as a Nissan due to all the legal implications and the fact they don’t have access to full reference materials to model it.

However I recommend checking out a game like Automation and also BeamNG though since you can actually build your car there and then drive it.


Regarding Cars like the Alfa Romeo Giulia that’s had it’s thread closed since it’s been added to FH5.

Would it not be possible to leave it open as there’s additional variants of the car that people are still very much interested in?

For the Giulia in particular the GTA and GTAm variants are incredibly popular and I see a lot of people in that thread requesting them.

Unless there’s going to be a new thread specifically for those variants but I don’t see the point in that

The older Giulia is also similar and even has an internal poll for the different body styles

Unless there’s internal information that there’s a 0% chance that the other variants of the car are going to be added but announcing that semi-publicly like this isn’t a good way to go about that imo


A question for the future: what will happen to closed threads when Forza Horizon 6 is released and it turns out that some of these cars are missing? Are topics going to be reopened?

Also, I support what @KillerSpectre21 said. Closing the thread for the modern Alfa Romeo Giulia when the Giulia GTA/GTAm is still missing seems a bit odd (and the same goes for other cars that have potentially desired variants not featured in the game) :wink:


I’ll be reopening the topics that have requested variants such as the GTAm, and move those replies from the old topic to the new, but it will require voting from 0. We’re resetting the counts so that the devs can get a better sense of which models are still in high demand.


Ah ok that makes sense then, thanks for the reply.

Are you looking for people to resubmit them in the Submission Thread or do you already have an internal list of stuff you’re planning on working through?

I’ll take care of the ones I’ve closed this week, but if there are any missing by next Monday feel free to add to the Submissions topic. I’ll be working on clearing a lot from that thread at the end of the week.


Perfect, thank you Max <3

Is there any reason T10 & Playground Games label EU, & AU-spec Fords as “American”? When I filter my races to American only, I see AU Ford Falcons, when I filter it to AU only, I only see HSVs & Holdens. Same goes for EU with British Escorts, Capris, Transits etc.


It’s all by “Brand origin”. Ford is technically American, after all.


Ford’s U.K. division is not American in any way though. It’s a branch of Ford that serves a completely different market with mostly entirely different cars. I’d be fine if they counted it as a different manufacturer like Ford (U.K.), however they have to do it

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That’s a Suggestions Hub issue. Please search for topics to upvote on models & country in Car Features


I was wondering more so why the decision was made, more than asking it to be fixed, but fair enough. Done & done

For cars where there’s only one variant that’s not in the game yet, would it be possible to make it more clear that the topic is for that variant and not for the one that’s already in the game?

Case and point, the Alfa Romeo 8C is already in the game as the Coupé, but the spider isn’t in the game, yet on the overview, you only see the name “8C”, which makes people assume that it means the car already in the game, and not the one that isn’t

I’ve updated the 8C topic but this may be a case-by-case basis. It works for models where there’s only one remaining option, which will usually be models that are out of production. But as in the case of the Aventador, there are multiple variants that could be candidates and the purpose of being broad is to avoid a topic for every trim. In those cases I favor a broad topic title and using the topic description to explain what is already in the game vs the other options, as well as use polls to gauge interest between variants.


Those are the ones i meant in my original question, where there’s only type/model remaining, anything more complicated, i.e.

the normal approach makes more sense.

About the 2017 Toyota Prado, it is obviously a facelift from the same 4th-gen Prado from 2010.

As of now, this Prado’s year model is 2010-2023. With its new generation underway, it went discontinued last month.

Also, it represented already in FH5 as the pre-facelift 2016 Arctic Trucks AT37. Toyota removed the “Prado” name for European markets, by just calling it “Land Cruiser” for Europe. It was originally a Land Cruiser Prado in around Asia and Australia.

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