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At some point I will

I am not dissappointed that we got the GTC its something else from a traditional british Grand Tourer thats usually a Coupe and we did get the W12 so there is that but I think its time for the GT Speed since we got the W12 now

It’s the first Bentley convertible we’ve ever gotten in Forza I believe, one of the few British ones too as I only remember the Rolls-Royce Dawn in FH3 / FM7.

Not sure if we’ll see a Coupé and what form it will take though, maybe Bentley will want an opportunity to promote their V8 seeing that the W12 is coming to an end soon.

The SVR Convertible is missing

Hennessey Ford Mustang 2023-current (S650) Did you forget to make polls or is the Dark Horse currently the only Hennessey 7th gen Mustang right now

It’s currently the only one available at the moment.

Can you rename it to Hennessey H850 Ford Mustang Dark Horse then?

No because if Hennessey makes any more of them then I’ll have to rename it again.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a version of the normal Mustang GT in the future since they normally have a few for each generation.

The topic is open, it’s been open for quite a while now.

Please give this polls

I will at some point, probably tomorrow if I’m free.

I do know that people probably want to see the RS4 Avant or Cabriolet

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The english brand name is M-Hero

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Thank you, just changed it now

With 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II already in the game, I will create topic of the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 variants.

KS: Here you go - Nissan Skyline 1998-2002 (R34)

2003-2015 Volkswagen Touran, the first generation that Twinkie had in Tokyo Drift

Volkswagen Touran Tokyo Drift


There is also a base model M8 available in Coupe Convertible or Gran Coupe as well