FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Audi A6 / S6 2019-current (C8 Type 4K) There is a new RS6 GT

Also known as the Chrysler Viper in europe

@SechsComic73130 I meant that the first and second gen viper is sold as a Chrysler Viper in europe and that the third and fourth gen viper(now a Dodge in all markets) has a gdm version that has no sidepipes and a kmh tachometer and automatic wipers and different rear lighting


You can post about it in the respective threads

Which threads
I mean it as a poll that says which market do you prefer

So could you add a poll for both the first and second gen Viper that says which brand do you prefer that says Dodge Viper& Chrysler Viper
and for the third and fourth gen Viper that says which market do you prefer that says Global&Germany

Ford Mustang 2005-2014 (Gen5) The Bullitt is missing

I forgot to remove this

I can’t remove it either unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for Max.

I don’t understand this why are you only focusing on other people’s submissions but not mine

The model is now named Hongqi EH7

Generally an order of priority.

Special editions of cars already ingame are not as high as new cars as they’re already represented in some form atleast.

Same with concepts vs production models where access to a production model is significantly more likely than getting access to a one-off prototype/concept.

At the moment tbh I’m mostly focused on revamping older topics and then occasionally adding new ones.

Your BRZ/GR86 Cup Car is next on my list though when I’m back from hospital (not for me thankfully but turns out I still have an hour and a half so I’ll do it soon).


Could you add the trims for the 2nd Gen Toyobaru (10th Anniversary GR86,BRZ Touge Edition,BRZ Ts, and BRZ STI

I’m debating if it’s worth doing for now since there’s so few of them.

It’s mainly just the tS/STI and then the special editions.

The issue with the STI for example is that it doesn’t have a Toyota equivalent currently but there may be a TRD in the future as they do produce separate parts for it.

Unfortunately we can’t edit polls once they’re made so if I make a Poll now and a TRD comes along in the future then I have to completely delete the poll and make a brand new one. If I add the TRD now though and they don’t end up making one then that’s kinda a waste.

For now I might do a Performance vs Special Edition Poll just to get a general gauge on interest and then when we see more models I can make an extra poll with the separate options.

Edit: Poll has been added

Mercedes C-Class 2015-2023 (W205/C205/A205/S205/V205) There is no E Performance C63S for the W205 that one is for the W206 also we already have the Coupé so we don’t need it in the polls

Small typo, ‘curent’

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Thank you

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Volkswagen Beetle 1970-1979 Can someone rename this to Volkswagen Type 1 1938-2003 and add the versions like the Roadster and Cabriolet or the 1200 and Standard for example I believe there was a pickup too

The Model is sold as Nissan Fuga & Cima, & Mitsubishi Proudia & Dignity,

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