Volkswagen Beetle 1970-1979

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There was a special edition beetle made in South Africa. It was called the Beetle SP. It had Special stripes, black trim instead of the chrome ones, had leather interior with a plastic dashboard. It also had a sport steering wheel.

The dashboard had addition gauges for oil pressure, voltage and a rev counter. The car came in three colors. Silver, Red and Yellow. The interior, in addition to the leather seats, matched the color of the car.

This model was special because of its shorter ratio 4 speed manual and its twin port carb boxer 1600cc engine and only 3000 cars were built between 1968 and 1970.





1975 Volkswagen Beetle

We may already have the classic Beetle in-game but it’s the '63 model as represented. I think adding another one, which is the 1975 model here, is much more preferable as there are minor differences like the minor proportional changes, as well as larger taillights.