Festival Playlist events and rewards through February 15 (Summer S71)

Seasonal Summary: Summer Series 71 in Forza Horizon 4

Leave Your Mark in the Morris Mini-Traveller Cult Classic

Welcome to Forza Horizon 4 Series 71! A fresh series means a new opportunity to unlock the “Encore?” achievement, so be sure to get on that grind if you don’t already have it.

This week is your chance to earn a front-wheel drive cult classic. Meet the 1965 Morris Mini-Traveller, an estate variant of the iconic Mini hatchback with elegant wood paneling on the rear body. With 44 horses under the hood from its 0.8-liter engine, you’ll be taking the scenic route on every journey.

Ready to participate in the Festival Playlist? You have until Thursday, February 15 to complete this week’s events and secure their associated rewards.

  • 50% Completion – Horizon Backstage Pass
  • 80% Completion – 2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker


  • 50% Completion – Horizon Backstage Pass
  • 80% Completion – 1965 Morris Mini-Traveller

Category Event Restriction Reward
Photo Challenge #TheHeadlineAct Take a photo of your Car in front of the UK Horizon Festival Stage Super Wheelspin
Weekly Forzathon Old School Cool 2014 Morgan 3-Wheeler 100 Forzathon Points
The Trial Infiniti & Beyond Infiniti – A 800 Trial Tee
Showcase Remix Nine & Three Quarters 1959 Ford Anglia 105E Super Wheelspin
Summer Games Mortimer Gardens Cult Cars – C 600 Fist Pump Emote
PR Stunt Arthur’s Seat Danger Sign Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
PR Stunt Coombe Speed Trap Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
PR Stunt Forest Green Speed Zone Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship Cavallino Rampante Ferrari – S2 998 Modern Race Suit Red
Seasonal Championship Locked Horns Chevrolet vs. Dodge – S1 900 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi
Seasonal Championship Summer Specials Summer Specials – A 800 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Convertible
Monthly Rivals Greendale Club Circuit 2017 VUHL 05RR Festival Playlist Completion
Online Adventure Series 71 Qualify for the Online Adventure Roster Festival Playlist Completion
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Max, if it’s at all possible, could you PLEASE get in the devs’ ears and ask them to maybe mix up these repeat playlists a bit? We’re stuck with the same handful of series on loop, while multiple car and cosmetic rewards haven’t been seen for literal years. This is an almost-zero-effort move that would make the remaining playerbase of this game very happy.


We need the early playlists repeated.


Yep would love to get some of the earlier events. A lot of us are missing 3 or 4 of the same vehicles, and this is the third time for this current season in the past few months. Would love to see it mixed up again. Just to keep it a bit fresher. I usually do all these events over anyways because i love fh4…but this time around after this week just kind of burned on this particular season.


Just FYI the Crown Vic is #5 in the super 7 high stakes this week. It’s available in wheelspin but I don’t think it’s very common.

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@ManteoMax - Max, please see requests above re mixing up the Playlists as we seem to be repeating a small number of playlists over and over again. Please can we have some from the early days included?


From series 7 thru the very early 30s need repeated. In series 7 for example, the Capri FE was a 80% reward. I have it but many do not and completing the starcard is very difficult for newer players.


We are on a different week…but is it too much to ask for team mates to tune their cars? I had to run the past three weeks at least 5 times lol. I ended up the only player after race 1…and luckily I took first in all three in the lotus today. FH4 player base is dwindling…I think due to the recycled playlists so close together. That is my guess. We just did this one.


Yeah, I managed to eke out every single star card, but it took some serious luck/grinding to make it happen. The worst was trying to find a ranked drift session, since there only seem to be one or two that pop up at the start of each new series.

Ran the 05 lotus in the trial.

The exige S was out in force this week.

I know I say it every week but the backstage pass not working on Xbox is dreadful and the wont fix attitude is actually worse. Sighs


Does not work for me either, i’m playing on PC and have both Store and Steam
versions, although i suspect any Backstage Passes earned just get added the the Gamer Tag / Profile.

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I don’t think they’ll ever change the playlists we have now as ultimately they’ve finished supporting FH4

Hey the new thread is Here

Recommend everyone check out the shop every day this week.

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