Festival Playlist events and rewards May 9-16 (Winter S33)

Also currently has the legitimate #1, #2 and #3 spots on both there and Las Ranas so people have been working on it since we did our times.

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I admit we are missing three legit drag races in the game: highway, beach, and rally adventure runway

also has a few turns, from what I recall

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Looks like wasn’t the only one struggling with a mislabelled event.
Thanks to this post I changed to the KTM.

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I have done the custom horizon open race multiple times now in any BMW, and it doesn’t register at all when you have completed the horizon open event. I have switched my Xbox off so it doesn’t stay logged into to horizon 5, that doesn’t work and not sure what is going on with it. Anyone else having the same issue or bug?

You gotta use a KTM car not BMW. The description is wrong in a few versions like UK English I believe.

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Unable to complete the Custom open race in any BMW. I’ve tried twice now but the reward doesn’t work.

It’s a mis-print - use a KTM


2 beaches - and surely something on hot wheels?


I guess the season play-testers had the day off!

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I must lead a charmed existence, because unlike some of the earlier posts I had one of the easiest Trial runs ever. I think I was in the only stock Clio, and we demolished the AI at Bola Ocho, to the point where I was wondering how an even barely-competent team could possibly lose. Sure, it was a total bumper car fest, but with the comparatively slow speeds that didn’t matter too much. Winter Wonderland was funny in that half of my team attempted to go all Tony Hawk on the quarter-pipes and got unceremoniously yeeted off the circuit instead. The three of us who stayed on the road were way out in front of the AI and won easily.

What wasn’t nearly so easy for me was that stupid daily task of 3-starring the runway Danger Sign in a Transit. I’m aware that I know next to nothing about upgrading and tuning cars in this game, but it still took an embarrassingly long time of buying various parts and fiddling with the final gear ratio until I got something even capable of clearing the distance. Worst of all, the van had a tendency to do a tailstand in mid-air, so I kept landing on my butt and failing the task. Could I have just downloaded a tune for the sake of the one measly point? Yes. Was I too stubborn to do so? Also yes.


no need to use the tuning, Transit SSV, most expensive upgrades (biggest engine, turbo, then anything that has “race” in the name)

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Transit SSV done it first go for me. I already had an S1 tune i made for it ages ago slapped on it.

Out of the whole playlist i think the Valley Park Raceway was easily my favourite. Was too easy first go so pumped it up from Pro to Unbeatable and did a couple races.

M3 GTR left the field for dead.

I did throw all of the biggest and baddest upgrades on, or at least I think I did, but I was still coming up a few hundred feet short every time. I wound up fiddling with the final gear ratio to get a higher top speed and finally nailed it.


So I did several Open events in different BMWs without success, came here to see if anyone else was having a problem. Saw that actually a KTM was required, so joined in an S1 event. Still didn’t pop. Did an offroad series on slicks. Still didn’t pop. Bought a new car, put on an A800 tune, did 2 more series. Still didn’t pop. So no gold for me this series.

It took me 3 vehicles and tunes to find the correct ‘any’ Transit. Not the first time this kind of mis-labelling has occurred. Clearly nobody from Playground Games or Turn 10 play their games to spot and correct these pathetic mistakes, either before uploading them or before they expire.

Beginning to feel it’s not worth the effort in this or Motorsport.

I did multiple events in 2 different KTMs before running out of time, but it still didn’t work for me.

EDIT: They merged separate threads, I’m not spamming this one

Opened a Forza Support ticket but got the usual reply: “We love you, thanks for spending loads of time & money with us for many years, but we won’t acknowledge our basic error or do anything to correct it, please continue to waste your time & money on our second rate products, bye.”