Festival Playlist events and rewards June 1-8 (Autumn S21)

I searched and couldn’t find it in any of the previous series.

It seems like it’s had articles written about it:

That’s from October, so it’s been around. I wonder if it’s been featured somewhere in eventlabs?

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“By Land, Air, and Sea” was a PG Editor’s Choice EventLab last year:


Thanks; I knew I had ran it before. Very well done.

stock options

weekly “No Compromise” – Ram Power Wagon

trial “Ooh… Barranca” – Nissan Pulsar (beat 6 then 5 robots)

eventlab “By Land, Air and Sea…” – Sierra RX3 (any car will do; this one hates straight lines)

danger sign “Salto de Río” – Hoonigan RS200 (easy; 187.16m)

speed trap “Dust Bowl” – Hoonigan RS200 (easy; 163.75mph)

championship “Rally Good Time” – Peugeot 207 S (easy wins; name/”pun” already used?)

championship “Ready for Lift-Off” – Jeep Trailcat (wins; not too hard)

RA speed zone “Tierras Verdes” – Hoonigan RS200 (easy; 73.52mph)

RA championship “Time Warp” – BMW M5 ‘95 (easy wins)

HW danger sign “Canyon Fire” – Ultima 1020 (easy; 514.92m)

HW championship “Super Loops” – Corvette C8 ‘20 (easy wins)


I thought it seemed familiar too; i’ll be kind and say it was a homage to Trackmania :slight_smile:


Most of the EventLabs in the Playlist tend to the be the ones recommended by Playground Games in the EventLab section of the menus. It’s basically why I’ve stopped playing the recommended EventLabs lately, because they’ll eventually pop up again in the Playlist at some point.


Can you PGG people please, please make hard to find cars easier to find?? This is yet another week where the exclusive new vehicle ('86 F-150) is one which I would absolutely love to buy, upgrade, and design a half dozen of. Not being able to acquire more really kills my desire to continue playing.

If I had the patience for it I know the auction house exists but I’m not about to feed the auction snipers who hoard everything then push them back with a 20 mil buyout. Words cannot describe how much I hate the auction house.

Okay, positivity check. The Rally Adventure series with B class retro saloons was proper fun, I haven’t grinned so much during a race in a long time. Sierra Nueva’s technical roads provide such a unique experience!


What’s the big deal - get 20 points - job done.
20 points is nothing to achieve.

As far as Eventlabs go, I guess most regular users will know what I’m going to say.
Make them an actual achievement rather than a run and done.
They’re a waste of space in the playlist otherwise.
Make them something to work at - against drivatars, within a certain time, whatever.

No matter how great some look (don’t get me wrong, I respect the amount of effort put into building them) they are just pointless - apart from the points of course.

Ditto. I did this in favor of the championships on the main map and had an absolute blast in an E46 M3. I really hope the main map in Horizon 6 has more roads and tracks like this.

This weeks eventlab course is absolutely fantastic. As a CC race fan, I was really impressed. If only playground would add a special eventlab category in horizon open. Now that would peak my interest.

The new ‘86 ford truck is actually not that half bad in B class CC. Looking forward to more testing.

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I used the exact same car! A solid choice.

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There were hard to find cars returning each week on FH4. They usually came back every 3-4 months after release as event rewards, not only season reward. This was a real incentive to play. Instead we get cheap cars from the autoshow and need to throw them away immediatly to keep the garage under 1000.
If I’m not mistaken, Audi RS 4 '18 never came back since 1 year.


B700 Retro Saloons was a fun championship. The expansion tracks are simply awesome although the AI is painfully slow there.

The F150 isn’t as good as assumed - for dirt or CC at least. Denying it the centrifugal LS3 swap prevented it from becoming a lower class meta build. On top it has the drag of a house. Something PG seems to do with many new offroaders.
Thus, it won’t do anything against the existing meta.
It has a fun B700 road build on Slicks though.

OK first, cheap autoshow cars don’t belong into Forzathon shop, there should be cars not in autoshow, same goes for rewards.
Next, clues for last Pathfinder are such, that I was looking for start at finish … then followed balloons to start and did it again.
Wildlife place for pic is closer to Horizon site then town, its on hill across from highway going from town (look for a balloon).
Also those boards to smash are under and around the waterfall.

Question, should I actually post my picks for season, as virtually nobody seems to try them?


I quite enjoying doing the pathfinder accolades.

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There is 3 balloons at the end zone and 2 at the start zone.

I like the idea as well but something like this would’ve fitted better during the launch of the game when the map was fresh.


Pathfinder challenge is more fun when using a C or B class all wheel drive vehicle. Still not challenging enough, but better than using S1.

The 86 F150 requires huge reduction in rear suspension rebound to avoid excessive jumping even when applying overlanding upgrades.

It worked for me in A class dirt and CC using the 7.2 liter racing V8 without turbo, race 6 speed transmission, largest and widest off-road tires.

I try your tunes and they’re usually great

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Thank you @Dawgs_and_Hawks

Well ok then, the Trial
Retro rally dirt racing C600 - Ford Puma -395 858 241
Yes it lacks on uphill part, but wouldn’t trade it for anything on twisty section, did try Toyota and Renault, nah. Lost to one person in Pulsar on first race, won second by 4 sec and Pulsar didn’t get past best drivatar that followed me. Toyotas were left behind on dirt part of first race and at start of second.

Event lab
A800 Offroad capable, got an option for Aston and went for it Aston Martin DBX - 102 924 982

Dirt racing with Rally monsters A800, first I was thinking about Opel Manta - 608 572 691
but then restarted championship and went with something new - Peugeot 207 Super 2000 - 984 045 098

Cross country racing with Unlimited offroaders A800, after last weeks fiasco with stupid drivatar difficulty I went in with not much expectations of being any different. Picked Prerunner and had a good time.
Deberti F-150 Prerunner - 771 962 504
maybe this also works Jeep Trialcat - 107 386 030

Forzathon car … well truck Power Wagon (daily driver pick of my friend from US, stainless steel exhaust and Hemi V8 sounds awesome), this here tuned to B700 - 155 333 943
Didn’t know what to pick for a dirt race, so went for the one on top of the volcano.
Trailblazer … one pass 3 stars - Malpais

PR stunts done with offroad Koenigsegg Jesko - 127 012 221

Hot Wheels DLC
Danger sign - Koenigsegg Jesko - 184 433 210 (offroad tune also works just fine)
Championship Modern supercars S1 900 - Ferrari 458 Italia - 876 565 051
Again had a good time, not having to deal with some black hole powered drivatars

Rally Adventure DLC
Dirt speed zone (my suggestion would be not to start on jump side) - offroad Koenigsegg Jesko - 127 012 221
Championship road Retro saloons B700, well there was a saloon version :grin: - Volvo 850 R - 240 495 962

Now to already mentioned Pathfinder with clues that need a bit of polishing. As said last clue was to go south of arena, so I went and found finish of that path … after following balloons to start, found another bridge to somewhat south west that was probably meant in description.

Searched for Flamingos on top of the waterfall, nah they are underneath it.

Some solo drifting in Formula drift Corvette - 123 469 080 to complete Arcade

Eliminated myself in Eliminator, turns out I was a bit too fast going out of the last circle … 9th

Finally to photo of Bighorners go north of town, yeah well across the highway on a hill there is a yellow-ish balloon and yellow … bus

Maybe somebody finds anything useful in this, I actually had fun this week
Take care everyone and ofc have fun. BB :wave: