Ferrari F430 Scuderia 2007 - audio (1729130)

Sounds like it’s recorded in a bathtub or tin can, especially the interior sound.

What did you guys do to the sound in this game? The Scuderia along with many other cars sounded beautiful in older FM games.

Why are the car sounds small, squished and devoid of any feeling of “power”? Has the team been around real cars? They are very very loud… Even while idling.

Also, the physical modelling on this car from the outside is laughable. Looks like they took the model from FM 3 and applied a 4k patch along with some details on it.

1.) According to T10, this is their best sounding Forza Motorsport ever

2.) That is exactly what they did for the car models.


+1 there is a problem with the sound of this car…


The car does not sound true to real life and rather lacks the authenticity while driving causing it to be extremely unrealistic. It is supposed to give the raw sound, with no compression at all.

Here is how it sounds in FM 2023:

Here is how it sounds in real life

Please give a sound update to this car. Hope these helps.


Considering how bad the 360CS and 355 are I was really hoping the Scuderia would be better, unfortunately it’s disappointing. :pensive:


I just released a sound comparison of this car on my channel. It sounded excellent in Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Motorsport 6. I hope the audio team looks at this


I do not understand how they can go from the excellent sounds of FM 5, 6, and 7 to this.

Literally shaking my head in disbelief right now :sob:


“This is our best sounding Forza Motorsport ever!”.

I’ll never forgive them for this lie.


Not impressed with the sound at all. It revs up to nearly 9000 rpm but the game’s sound is quiet, suppressed, far away and just lacks soul, Luke most car sounds in the game.


“far away and lacks soul” - THIS is the problem with most car sounds in the game. It’s just random noise with EQ applied, as if coming from a leaf blower or lawn mower on steroids.


It still sounds bad and I don’t want to drive it. Any idea when this is getting updated?

Great, bug logged. Anxiously waiting for an audio improvement. :grin:

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Hoping to see an improvement soon. It’s undrivable, especially in cockpit.

Still no improvement to this car? Was reported months ago.

GT7 is bringing the F430 Scuderia soon in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to hear its engine sound in there!!!

Well, GT already had the base F430 in-game, so I’m gonna compare the sound of it early.

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That’s a really good base F430 sound and the thing I really appreciate about GT7 is that they don’t add any fillers, enhancements, or extras which can muddy up or taint perfectly good sounds. They keep it as raw, organic, and natural as possible, which is something can’t say for Forza, sadly. Being an American company, perhaps, they feel the need to glamorous, enhance, and EQ-boost everything but it really robs away from each car’s true character.

We had it really good in the Xbox 360 days - those sounds were downright brilliant, given the hardware back then.


The GT7 update is out, time for a proper comparison!

Pretty much sounded the same as the base car.