Fed up with open lobby destruction derby's ? Read on

Hi guys

well they said its what we have been working towards, well we say its what we been waiting for too

over at VRF Forum we are building up our first series on forza 6 and will be running a fully loaded bttc series, currently we have 8 drivers signed up and are looking for more drivers

Good Fair CLEAN, that’s all the skills you need, you don’t have to be a fast driver, were not looking for top 100 Hot lappers were looking for like minded mature men /women to come race have a bit of banter and a great night playing a GAME,

Its a Game your not getting paid so no need to be serious 100% of the time, just try to avoid contact in stead of using others as a break or wall riding that’s all we ask

We are using two classes of cars so theres options for all tallants comprising of Bought ready to run straight from the shop to cars meant for the road that need tuning, so if you are useless at tuning you can just buy the ready made runner, but if you like to build your own spec thers cars there for you to build up too

Car: BMW 125i M Sport as used by Team Ebay - Team JCT600 with GardX and
Car: Honda Civic Type R As used by Team: Honda Yuasa Racing
Car: Mercedes Benz A-Class Team: WIX Racing ( this car is a independent but for our series its classified as a NGTC as its a off the shelf car)
Car: Toyota Avensis Team: Speedworks Motorsport - Team: Houseman Racing - Team: RCIB Insurance Racing - Team: Handy Motorsport ( this car is mainly a independent but for our series its classified as a NGTC as a standard version is not available to purchace )

Independent Car selection Teams
Car: Honda Civic ( not type R as used by Eurotech Racing )
Car: Audi A4 As used by Team: Exocet AlcoSense
Car: Ford Focus ST As used by Team: AmD Tuning.com- Team: Motorbase Performance - Team: Dextra Racing
Car: Mercedes Benz A-Class 45 AMG As used by Team: Laser Tools Racing
Car: Infiniti Q50 As used by Team: Support Our Paras Racing

so as you see plenty to choose from

if your intrested pop over to our site and see how its going to be played out
click Me to goto TVRF BTCC - Rules and Regulations

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Sounds good, Good luck, see you there some time, Hope it grows.
Tried On-line last night and quit after a race and a half just because of the driving standards.
I thought being Forza 6 we would have managed to get clean racing available but O’So wrong.

I really think that they should implement a PENALTY for colliding into people. I’m not saying penalize tapping others or even the smallest bump on the side. I’m talking about when it’s a HUGE IMPACT and causes the other car to go FLYING into the wall/grass/dirt/tireblocks I mean come on. I raced about 20+ races and literally 19 of them someone hit me. Not just a love tap. A HUGE HIT TRYING TO SEND ME TO THE HOSPITAL HIT lol its insane! They needed to not add 24 racers first of all, and ultimately add penalties for hitting people that hard.

I’ve only been in B hoppers though I can’t speak for the other classes.

bro thats why you have to race in leagues SOOOOOO much better once you get to the higher divisions. in division 1 its legit raceing… reg multiplayer is going to be for noobs cuz its impossible to race in.

I have to disagree… I start in Pinnacle with every new League event, and unless it’s a ghost League, the carnage is just as bad if not worse than a regular hopper. Real leagues hosted by sites such as TORA and TURN are your best bet for good racing.

They should make a lobby with simulated damage. That would get all those people out fast! I’ve noticed that in the league racing it tends to be more reasonable people racing. but i agree its tough.

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That guys is exactly why you need to find a league to race in, if you then have contact you know it was a total accident, then you can get on with racing rather than worrying about where you will get hit next.

pop over to our website and if you see a series you want to race in then sign in, its that easy, any assist or view is ok by us and racers of all abilities are very welcome.

See you there.

Hey Dan how are you doing?? Still keeping wannabe racers real?? Lol :grin: That race round the ring in FM4 will always stick with me great racing :slight_smile:

having a full test session tomorrow night so if you fance joining the 11 guys already signed up

pop over to our forum and have a look

what have you to loose


we currently have 13 signed up to this series now and 13 is half a lobby
so if your looking to join a good community of drivers of all levels pop on to our site and have a mooch about, and join us online, you might just like the experience


were now up to 18 racers now and we are running out of lobby room, so nows your chance to grab your spot.

check out our site and get yourself signed in.

It starts tuesday at 9pm uk time…

see you there.

Thats what i meant about being in a league, the forza leagues are just hoppers.

The Virtual Racing Federation is a racing league that hosts its own racing series on Forza and PCars and have done for a while now successfully.

I have raced on both Tora and Turn and yes while they are ok they normally run there series with too many stipulations of what assists you can run which to me takes a way the fun of the game.
i prefer to race ppl that are happy and confident in how they race, making then turn off an assists means they are more likely to have an incident and wheres the fun in that, besides we are constantly told your slower with assists on so why make then turn them off?

We have ran series in multiple games and have had no issues as we limit the drivers numbers to active racers, again the others allow any number of sign ups weather they actually race or not so they may have more sign ups but when most don’t actually race whats the point.

clean and fair racing every race.

BTCC series starts tomorrow 9pm uk time and we still have a few spots left.

Full details on our site including what you need to do to race with us, don’t worry its simple stuff.

See you on the grid

We still have a couple of spots left in our BTCC series, going into week 2 at Bathurst this Tuesday at 9pm uk time.

take a peek at our site if interested

Well i am looking forward to tomo now that i have a half decent set up on my merc amg45 a standard car doing a 1.37 dead :grinning:


amg merc

amg merc45

Sick of the smashers, is this still running?

It sure is, we are going into week 2 at Bathurst tonight at 9pm.

pop over to our site for full details for what you need to do to be able to race with us.

From testing its gonna be a tough evening, lots of times close and with the success ballast its even harder to run away with the championship.

Was gd fun doing tht race last night mate cant wait for the next one :grinning:And thanks again

Im in

going into tonights races for round 5 and 6 of our bttc season
currently we enjoy 14 drivers in every race and with 3 more drivers fluctuating between races, we still have room for more like minded drivers that just want to race, drivers that don’t mind being in the top ten fastest of every track and drivers that don’t care were there located on the time trials, but just want to race without being bashed all over the track on lap one

well if you fit any of those catagories then TVRF is were you need to be signing up to, a site were ther majority of drivers can sit back chill out relax and let the banter flow knowing the kids are tucked up in bed and not nicking any band width, great racing is at hand and more importantly its good CLEAN racing