"Feature unavailable/unable to upload to Forza server"...a question?

The 360 console I am using was previously owned by someone who “modded” their save! My GT has never been modded AND none of the modder’s DLC has been accessed (deleted it all and repurchased everything, prior to playing).

Am I correct in thinking I’m unable to access designs, storefront, 1000 Club, etc because of a CONSOLE ban? If so I’m willing to buy a new console. But if my GT is forever ‘soft-banned’ then I dont want to spend the $$$.

I have no faith whatsoever in getting an email response, tried that route a LONG time ago. Does anyone have a definitive answer for this issue?

You previously posted here that you knew the console was banned, and now you’re questioning it again? The download content of a single game has nothing at all to do with a console ban, which prevent the Xbox 360 from playing on the game’s servers.

Contact Xbox Support directly and they’ll verify the console serial number and ownership.