Favourite car & track to tune

Favourite car & track to tune ?

lets here from all of yous

BMW M5 03 on Maple valley / mugello

Favorite car at the moment is my 4 rotor FD.
Favorite tuning tracks for a baseline at least is usually Maple Valley Short, Suzuka, or maybe Silverstone National.

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I switch it up often.

Right now it would be my FC RX7 4 Rotor - tuning for angle / speed on Circuit of the Americas (West Route) and Circuit de Catalunya (School Circuit).
No into drifting for points, crazy tandems are more my thing.


Any car.
If it has wheels I will make it slide regardless of drivetrain.

Track is usually lime rock. It used to be Tsukuba…

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Nissan Silva 94 at Mugello / Dubai

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I really like tuning on the full Dubai mountain course. It’s so varied that if your car can perform well there, it should everywhere (except the super tight FD circuit on Road ATL)