Fastest Cars you've made?

Just as the title says, what’s the fastest cars you guys have made? So far mine has been the Toyota GT86 with the Corvette’s 6.2L V8 in it. Hits 267.7 mph. I’m really hoping that someone finds a car that beats GTR’s in this game, because that ugly plastic sack of crap being the fastest in every game is really getting old.

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254 before hitting a wall in the 2014 corvette stingray. still havent had to hit 7th gear though.

I got 272mph out of my venom before crash and 260ish out of my Pagani h…

What was your tune setup because mine only got to 225 mph

270 in a 98 supra

What’s your problem with plastic? It’s an efficient building material.

How’d you get the corvette motor in a Toyota? I mean I have an idea …

Nvm just found out you can’t swap on 360

Can someone share the mods used to get fastest accelerating cars like the GTR and aventador

A Mercedes Benz 190E …Hits 377km/h Peak speed im in the Top 8% in global Rankings with it :Dnull

1965 Alfa romeo giulia TZ2. Hits 257 before hitting the wall at the airport.

I tuned for speed doesn’t handle to AWSOME but it’s fast… I’ll be on xbone when I get off work… Msg me tonight and I’ll help ya make it fast…