Fast and Furious Achievements not unlocking

Hello, I don’t know if any one else is having this issue. I have gone to Nice and progressed 40+% into the story and the achieveemnt for arriving at Nice hasn’t popped. there are two other achievements that haven’t popped either.

Try clearing your cache an power cycling the console.

If that doesn’t help, just wait.

I know when I played the first 15 or 16 achievements popped up fine but the last ten popped a couple hours after I had eveything finished

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I’m having the same problem except no achievements are unlocking. Going to put this game on hold until this is fixed.

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Well i think it has to something to do with xbl not the game. Yesterday I had the final 2 achievements “glitch” on me , the achievement app said I had 660 gamerscore when in realtime i had 860 now after unlocking the maseratti i got the notification for it but it did get added i also beaten the cargo plane didnt get any notification so i checked it. It said “100% Done! Unlocking…” so i had to run that showcase again and it unlocked… Now I have all achievements unlocked with timestamps but im somehow 960/1000.

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If it reads “100% Done! Unlocking” then everything is fine. Will unlock within the next 24-48 hours. Got that problem with one achievement, too. Unlocked 18hrs later for me, just out of the blue.

I can’t get Chain Reaction to pop. I’ve banked many chains over 50k and even one chain at 50k before the modifier. I think the issue may have stemmed from the fact that the first serious chain that I completed was around 75k. That chain unlocked the Fast 7,000 achievement even though it also qualified for Chain Reaction.

I’ve power cycled, cleared the cache/power cycled, etc. I guess I just have to wait like everyone else. It’s just infuriating when I’ve apparently done everything right and it’s the system/game that isn’t giving the achievement.

Hey it seems as if a few people are having issues getting the “Perks of the Job” achievement to pop. I, like several others, have every other achievement except this one. Mine doesn’t even say that “Done! Unlocking” thing; it just believes I haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe a title update is coming to fix this.

Any ideas?

I’m exactly the same as Lavelle TFA…have got all achievements except the “Perks of the Job”.

Hope there is a fix.

Same trouble… I finished the game but since more than 48 hours , achievment about Bugatti not poping up… so i’m glich at 960/1000 even if everything is done…

Same situation here with the Nissan GTR achievement, it did pop, but didn’t get the 40G it’s worth.

Hi Guys,

I have been uploading pictures to the storefront and it says it has uploaded it to the FH2 Fast and Furious Storefront. But i cant find the images when i go to my Storefront on my laptop.

Where does the pics go???

Here you’ll find somewhat of an explanation for this phenomenon: