Hello again!

Here’s the FH2 liveries that have been imported to FM6: FH2 Paints by CWR63

This is my first original paint in FM6, Checkered Past Cab Co., 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe:

Since this car first went on sale in September of 1939, over 2 years before the U.S. entered the war, figured to go with something more late 30s. A Gee Bee pylon racer.

That’s great design mate, I’ll grab that later :slight_smile:

quite a unique design, I really like what you’ve done here, nice work.

Thank you both!

Here’s my P-51 theme for the 1965 Mustang, which I haven’t been able to make since FM4:

FM4 version:

2 of my FH2 imports that are altered - the Dodge Hellcat is slightly different from FH2’s Challenger and so wouldn’t actually import, so I imported the vinyls and redid it. However, the Hellcat has a sunroof and the passenger door is glitched to only show reversed decals from the driver’s door. I had to move all non-reversible stuff from the door and scrunch all the ‘noseart’ on the roof to make way for the sunroof:

I just upgraded some materials on Rich Max, 'cuz he’s rich:

Tashi from Carmageddon:

That 70’s BMW:

Generic Hot Rod:

MFP 508 updated:

Technically, I could have made the '65 Mustang in FM5, but I got my XBox One a year after launch, purchasing FM5 and FH2 on the same day. FH2 was where all the paint action was at since it had just launched, and I prefer driving games over racing, and better for photos, and had the '49 Merc, etc. There really was no reason to make liveries in FM5, so it languished.

Continuing with the 30s feel, the AU racer feels something like a drop tank Bonneville lakester, so I painted it like that, but it also feels like a plane in Baron Von Richthofen’s flying circus of WWI - named it Crazy 8:

Just seen this thread … like this design on the Ford Coupe and Mercury but really love this - very cool

Some pretty cool designs in here mate, loving the old school post-war feel of all of them. The notchback Mustang is my favorite easily though. Keep up the good work!

Awesome Ford Coupe design.

Makes the car worth being in the game :smiley:

Wow - strong praise! I do wish the 40 Ford had been available in a Horizon game, being that it feels more suited to driving than racing. I’m still identifying with Spraygun Collective, even though FM6 has no club system.
Thanks for liking the Mustang - that design was really meant for a fastback, and I would be over the moon if we had a 65 or 66 Mustang fastback of any stripe to play with! That plus the 63-65 Buick Riviera and 63-67 Corvette Stingray are my top 3 American designs.
Even though the AU is prewar, the whole Bonneville Salt Flats scene is postwar. Much like any paintjob wilder than a two tone…

great designs again CWR, really liking the P-51 themed Mustang and the Crazy 8 paint

Thanks Stu! This should be the final checker/scallop design, as even I have tired of it - The Checkered Demon. Named after a character in the underground comic ZAP! Comics used to be divided into aboveground or mainstream and…just Google it if you’re curious. I named it after I made the livery, anyways:

The problems with painting the '49 are as many as they are boring, but the biggest gripe is that the top of the front bumper can only be painted, not decaled. So all the door, trunk and hood lines are school bus yellow along with the interior. I did my best to obscure the awkward top/side areas where the checkers could not be made to match.

Some older cars really need the option to either paint or remove their chrome bits - taking that design ruining chrome spear off the side of this model would make many players very happy.

Well, the Checkered Demon has earned a solid 2 star rating! yay. I guess it is pretty obnoxious - think I’ll blame (insert blameless person or group here). I’ll replace it with Vlad’s Flame:

I had been thinking that putting flames on this oddly mapped front end would take too much work, but I started fiddling around with it - and it was! Way too much work, but I’m done painting the Merc for the next several centuries.


Loving that Mercury mate! The flames look so cool, really has an old school hot rod vibe. I can’t wait to see whats next.

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Nailed it.


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Back in the day, I designed close to a dozen cars that were released in Carmageddon 2, but I didn’t get to texture them. I wanted to create an add-on car for the first Carmageddon (that I played no part in developing) since there was a hole in the lineup - needs more shoebox. So I sent over the ChromeGod. Initially I was disappointed in their texture choice, but it has grown on me over the decades (the star on the hood needs the aqua toned down a bit, though).

A Carmageddon 2 car that I didn’t create was a '36 Ford called Hellrod (called Heckrod in the design catalog):

A Highway Patrol F-100:

The MFP-508 on an Australian Ford:

The Eagle Mk3 from Carmageddon 2 (another car that I didn’t create in the original game):

I guess I’ll do the Cleaver from Carma 1, or the MFP-08 Pursuit on the Aussie Ford. I wish the DLC cars were blowing my skirt up, but I haven’t bought any since launch. I’d get the Country Squire, but you can no longer paint on the wood decal area. Now that they can do open wheel cars I’ve been waiting for a little deuce coupe, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe the next Horizon can take place in Detroit and we can get some cool old school hot rods. Not that I don’t appreciate what we have, but I’m still hoping for some cars released in previous games to appear in future car packs - and some of the choices thus far are really questionable, not just subjectively, but by general popularity.

Thank you, that’s one of my very few 5 star rated designs

Here’s a new version of my oldest game created livery. From my first console game with customizable vinyls (NFS Underground 2) it has morphed throughout several series according to available vinyl shapes.

In NFS: Underground 2 there were only 4 vinyl slots (it was 2004) this was the best pic I could manage, but a HD image wouldn’t improve this mess:

Then Forza Motorsports came along with 100 layers per side. My first design was lost with the demise of my first X-box (and it’s hard drive) this is a re-creation I whipped up in a few minutes…of course I still have an X-box hooked up to a TV in my office, why do you need to ask?

2 versions from Midnight Club: Los Angeles; the first, an attempt to recreate the original NFS:U2 Focus with 64 layers top/sides and 12(!) layers front and back - but it did have mask layers:

The second was after I invented a way to create carbon fiber in the game, which I’d brag about a lot more except that I stole the idea from whomever figured out how to do it in Forza 2 or 3. The thing I was most proud of was aligning the black side chevron with the tail light top. That’s right, I play small ball - the very smallest.

Forza 3, I made the connection with Charlie Brown’s shirt:

Forza 4, I had joined the DRG and tried to fancy it up, with less than good results:

Then I was inspired, no doubt, by one of the livery greats in Forza and bloomed out the yellow to white, leaving it only as an outline - achieving a good result IMO. Being part of a garage I had access to so many logos that I could be pretty free with them:

All the new “paint” patterns that we’ve had for the last 3 games have been, in the case of this particular livery, more burden than boon in the carbon fiber department. I made a number of versions that just did not look right before I went back to the old method. There’s no way I’m recreating all those logos, and these 2 joke logos are all I could think of - this is called Charlie Brown:

I even made a tune for this, only an appearance tune, but still…

So, the Hawk from Carmageddon driven by Die Anna.

The Hawk from Carmageddon:

Hawk 2 from the Splat Pack expansion:

Hawk 3 from C2:

Hawk R from Carmageddon: Reincarnation:

My Hawk III livery from earlier Forzas (just made up my own thing as it has always been just a yellow mid-engined supercar with no interesting paint scheme):

The latest, sold as Hawk 3:

Mebbe the Cleaver next…?

The Cleaver it is. Driven by Val Hella in the first Carmageddon, this car was not in any subsequent Carmageddons (despite being the only car on the front of the box for the US version of Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now, distributed by Interplay) until the recent Reincarnation:
1 2 3 4

The Carmageddon: Reincarnation design:

Here is my livery on the C7R - with all of the unpaintable areas, non-deletable wing and undulating body surfaces, it was difficult to fit the design on this car at all; I tried a number of joke logos but none looked right (I regret including the Skull logo). I may need to try this on a different car…

Maybe the Aston Martin One 77?

I was thinking to make this Audi into a car belonging to S.H.A.D.O. from the old TV series U.F.O. - then the similarity to the Tashi driven by Ed101 in Carma1 struck me and I went with that instead.


C:Re remake:

The Tashiaudi:

I have made this paintjob in many games on many different cars, FM3 had the greatest number of suitable cars and FM6 may have the least.

That may be all for Carma liveries from me - there are one or two remote possibilities with existing cars in FM6, but unless there is some surprising DLC this should be all.