[Fantasy] LuciferOfWater Designs (MGS Quiet - Finished)

Well couldn’t be more excited about forza 6, Its just beautiful not to mention an amazing game. Below I will keep updating all my paints. So hope you guys like it. Please do leave any feedback you have, its much appreciated, I started painting from Horizon 2 and really fell in love with it. :slight_smile:

Happy Driving.

Design: Rias
Keyword 1: Cartoon
Keyword 2: Character
Description : Highschool DXD Rias

Cars: 2017 Ford GT , 2010 Nissan 370Z , 2014 Lamborghini LP Huracan 610-4, 2013 Toyota GT86





Design: Batman
Keyword 1: Cartoon
Keyword 2: Character
Description : Batman

Design: Korra
Keyword 1: Cartoon
Keyword 2: Character
Description : Legend of Korra

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Some pretty good stuff in here mate. The anime girls are quite nice albeit a bit risque but great work nonetheless, keep 'em coming!

Thanks Ace, will do my best to keep putting out newer designs. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, Working on a new design sort of a cartoon version of Quiet from MGS 5 based on deviant art drawing I found by mashi2311. Here is an early screenshot of the design just sketching it.


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The bordering is looking nice mate, good stuff so far and I can’t wait to see more of her.

EPIC work

@ IONizzle and @PTG Ace Ventura Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten much chance to finish Quiet but I think I will get her done in this week. Below is the image where I have reached so far in painting her. lot work is still remaining. If anyone wants to suggest a car they would like the Quiet design on let me know. I will try and make one on it :).

Happy Racing :slight_smile:

Sick ! Good work out there!

I have finally finished my Cartoon Version of Quiet from MGS V Phantom Pain. Hope You guys like it.

Category1 : Cartoon
Category 2: Character
Description: MGS V Quiet

Very nice mate, looking really good, especially her umm…chest.

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Always good to hear from you.

Thanks for the compliment. The original character was designed that way so had to represent her aesthetically at least in the same manner.