Fanatec wheel users - Temporary solution!

Hope this helps someone - credit goes to Ensi Ferrum on the Fanatec forums.

Who is this guide for?: Fanatec wheel users - game crashes constantly.

Is this a total fix?: No - however this will let you get by for RACING - you’ll still need your keyboard and mouse (or xbox controller) handy for navigating the menus.

What will you need:? 30 minutes, the latest VJOY drivers and the ForzaEmuWheel software (links below).

What devices have I tested it on?: I have a Fanatec DD1, Fanatec Pedals, Fanatec Shifter, and Sparco TSS Handbrake.

Why does it work?: No idea, I guess because the game doesnt view the device as a “fanatec” anymore (as its emulated) the problem goes away. Dont question a good thing :wink:

Directions: Basically, you will setup the VJOY configuration as per the setup guide below. Then open the EmuWheel configurator - map your AXES first as this can be a bit finicky.

Then map your buttons required, save the config, launch the ‘hush’ application, Start the Emulator program, and away you go.

Results: Put in 30 minutes so far, wheel and force feedback are working great. As mentioned above, only downside is that in menus you cannot use your hat switch, a button etc. I will let you all know if I do encounter any crashes, but this is the longest the game has successfully run.

Best of luck everyone, please report back if this works for you - this is at least usable until the Forza Devs fix the actual problem.


Software - Forza EmuWheel

Software - Latest VJOY Drivers

Detailed Setup Guide

Additional Tips: I had some issues at first getting the ‘Custom wheel profile’ to accept any inputs. For me, navigating back and forth from the “Keyboard” and “Controller” options, then going back to the “Wheel” options solved it for me.

update: 3 hours in - still no crashes! :slight_smile: