So I pre ordered the game and got a lot of free cars and over 6 million in credits from forza hub and as I put in the 10 year code for preordering as it included the Fast and Furious cars they are no where to be found in my garage or messages or anything and when I click on the DLC content it tells me it’s $9.99 and I try to type in the code again and it tells me it’s already been used. How do I get the cars?

Like you would any other car. Buy them in-game. They’ll be free.

there’s a “free cars” tab when you go into “buy cars”
they should be in there
also my might to check that it has been installed too…might be waiting

Be sure any add-on content is fully downloaded and installed. Once it is, the vehicles will be available to add to your garage via the “free cars” pane on the “find cars” screen.

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I tried that, it takes me to marketplace to purchase them. But I put in all my codes for preordering the game and the fast and furious cars are the only ones I don’t have for some reason

have you checked in the games tab to make sure its not waiting to be installed
try hard resetting your console too…sometimes it magically makes things missing reappear

I love the Fast and Furious cars but you can’t put down 4 spoilers on them to make them usable

Did you get the Standard or Deluxe version? The Standard version does not include the Fast and Furious DLC, just the 10th Anniversary cars.