Extremely confused - would like a moderators reply please

After years of playing this game and painting (alot) after many discussions and issues with unlocks, it now seems the rules have changed and I was unaware?

I was under the impression that if a design or vinyl group was gifted and someone uses it in their store or auction that is ok. Now I am told this is an offense that can be punishable.

I k now that the B word isn’t discussed on the forums, but I sincerely need some clarification here.

Thank you.

Anyone know the answer to this? For the past 5 years I was under the impression that if you gift you are giving up your right to it, but apparently a moderator told my friend today otherwise which is why I am asking.

If you create something, then either sell unlocked or Gift it to someone you think is a “friend” on the promise it is for their use only, you’ve have relinquished all rights to the item.

The bad judgment lesson would apply, and no one can claim someone has stolen something when they’re been willingly sold unlocked or gifted the item unlock.

That has been the rule for about seven years. Period.