Experience Required to get Wheelspin after level 1000 ?

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Would anyone kindly tell me how much XP is required to receive a wheelspin past level 1000 ?

Does XP required continue to increase after that level or is it fixed to a certain amount ?

Thank you !

200,000 if I remember correctly.

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Thanks, do you know if XP required continues to grow after level 999 ?

200,000 once you hit level 1000 (the star icon) and stays at that from then on I believe.

If what I read in another thread is correct (sorry, I don’t recall which), 200K XP per spin, consistently. I’m just over halfway there in levels, but far from halfway in XP needed.

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I’m level 847 myself, so I guess I’ll know for sure in 153 more very long levels… lol

I’m At LVL 661 at the moment … I guess it would be quicker and cheaper to us a Credit Boost Car and buy your Wheelspins…

^ Yes, you just keep getting spins after 200k xp without the next ‘level’ xp increasing. Had a few spins from this, just saving loads of them for the next wave of HE cars lol

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This seems to have changed from earlier when the Don hit 1000 first as that vid showed his star to next star level (1000 - 1001) as being 200,000xp

I’m going through the 9xx levels now and at 915 it’s already moved to past 202k and looks to be about a +200xp increase for each new level.

Yeah, I’m level 931 and I started out needing over 209k XP to level 932, so perhaps once you hit level 1,000 (star) it drops back to 200k XP per level? Guess I’ll see it for myself after another 69 long levels from now…

Doesnt it drop back to 200k at 1000?

It’s fixed 200,000XP per level once you reach the Platinum Star (level 1000) but right before you get to 1000 it is somewhere close to 230,000XP per level.

I only just got to the 1000+ club today but I’m already another 11 spins deep into 1000+

That makes sense. Thanks for the info and congratulations! I hope to have my platinum star by the end of this month, too!

I decided to get to 1000+ with a bang, I was 988 and started my first 50 lap goliath.
Then 7 hour 55mins later (not including breaks) and boom!
But NEVER doing that again…

Wow! I’d be too afraid to do more than 10-12 Goliath laps because of the possibility of my game freezing or crashing. You definitely earned everything you got there!

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The game was running fine until like lap 40/50 and then I started to notice some pretty heavy frame skips and it was pretty dramatic at 48/50 but it kept on going pretty well and I finished.

Phew! Pretty risky. You’re braver than I. I just had a crash during a Goliath replay last night (checking out the Brat HE–I don’t normally risk replays there), but that just lost me one lap. I’d have been pulling what’s left of my hair if it had been several laps.

Yeah, I was getting pretty damn nervous towards the end because I like, I’m gonna be so pissed off if my game crashes right at the end.

Thanks for the info Slime. Just 80ish levels to go…

I’ve did 15 laps on x bone but by 3 or 4 laps I don’t even bother with rewinds my lead is so huge on the ai at that point, but 15 laps was hard enough. The grind was worth it early on but now that I’m at lvl 423 at its almost 60 xp per lvl and increasing, not so much, but now I’m focusing on my cheevos. Only 2 left, finish all street races and midnight battles, and all championships at all locations.